Genre: Classical

According to popular culture, 30 is the new 20, but the body and soul often disagrees. Meet Nikolai Ivanov. He just turned 30. His wife is dying. The young, blossoming woman next door is much too attractive. His neighbors are gossiping nonstop about him. His closest friends are—well, let’s just say they’re caught up in other issues. And above it all, the crushing melancholy and weariness of not-so-middle age threatens to extinguish the remnants of his hope and pride at any moment. So what’s a man to do? What can any of us do when life just becomes too much to bear? PS. This is a comedy. We promise. *An Equity Approved Showcase



Open:   10/05/12
Close:   10/20/12

10/05/12- 8:00
10/06/12- 8:00
10/07/12- 7:00
10/11/12- 8:00
10/12/12- 8:00
10/13/12- 8:00
10/14/12- 3:00
10/17/12- 8:00
10/18/12- 8:00
10/19/12- 8:00
10/20/12- 2:00
10/20/12- 8:00
Theater:   Access Theater
Address:   380 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013
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Closest subway: NR to Canal., walk south on Broadway to theatre.

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