Genre: Drama

1931- is the story of Adam, a young man who is fired from his warehouse job at the start of the play. Proud and determined, he sets out to find another job, only to find hundreds of other men in the same situation. Without a paycheck, Adam soon realizes how much he has to lose; health, dignity, hope, and possibly even the young shop girl he loves. Alternately, it is the story of all the men, young and old in Adam's situation. These are the men who sleep in the parks, beg for coins and even turn to crime when there seems to be no other option. When their story and Adam's comes to a head at the gripping finale, there is only one way left to turn: revolution.



Open:   10/04/12
Close:   10/21/12

10/04/12- 8:00
10/05/12- 8:00
10/06/12- 8:00
10/07/12- 5:00
10/10/12- 8:00
10/11/12- 8:00
10/12/12- 8:00
10/13/12- 8:00
10/14/12- 5:00
10/17/12- 8:00
10/18/12- 8:00
10/19/12- 8:00
10/20/12- 8:00
10/21/12- 5:00
Theater:   The Living Theatre
Address:   21 Clinton Street
New York, NY 10002
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