Genre: Burlesque

Now in it's third triumphant year, Epic Win Burlesque continues to be one of the nerdiest burlesque shows in the NYC, having sexed up such favorites as Star Trek, Star Wars, Batman and Firefly. Covering topics such as video games, comic books and science fiction they are always being explored and celebrated in the most awesome way possible... with semi-naked-nerds! Magic, Music, Nerdcore, Timely Pop-Culture References and Sexy Geeks! This ain't no convention cosplay...this is nerdy burlesque...THIS IS EPIC WIN!

AND NOW! EPIC WIN Burlesque presents...

SCI-FI TV: The Sexy Sirens of Science Fiction Strut their Stuff on Stage

All of your favorite scenes of science fiction come to life in this jam packed show. From select series moments to your most beloved slash-fic this show has it all. But not only that... this time EWB is bringing you stunning performers that are staples of the NYC burlesque community but have never graced the stage of a nerdy burly show before. BUT THAT"S NOT ALL! Coming back to EWB is the one... the only... Schaffer the Darklord.


We've truly outdone ourselves this time with the galactic talents of:
** Stormy Leather - a Fraking Fangirl of Battlestar Galaticta
** Fem Appeal - a Total Tweaker for the Twilight Zone
** Nasty Canasta - A Beautiful Booster for Doctor Who
** Minnie d'Moocha - Goes Six Fathoms Deep for Sea Quest
** Creamee Stevens - is Over the Moon for Star Trek
** Francine - Wants to Believe in the X-Files

And your hosts...

Making his triumphant return to the EPIC WIN Stage...
** Schaffer The Darklord - Pop Culture Devotee and Maniacal Rappist

And of course the Official Nerdcore Magician...
** Nelson Lugo - He is Most Certainly Bigger on the Inside


The Tank Theater @ TADA
15 W. 28th St. btw. Broadway and 5th Ave. - NYC


Open:   09/14/12
Close:   09/15/12

09/14/12- 9:30:00
09/15/12- 9:30:00
Theater:   The Tank @ Tada! Youth Theater
Address:   15 W 28th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
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Buy Tickets Online or Call: Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006