Genre: Comedy, Drama
Written by Adam Scott Mazer, Directed by Will Fulton

AntiMatter Collective will present Adam Scott Mazer’s (Death Valley) post-apocalyptic sci-fi tragicomedy, MOTHERBOARD, September 28-October 14 at The Secret Theatre (44 02 23rd Street, Long Island City).The production will be directed by Will Fulton (Demonology) and will feature Elizabeth Bays, Bryce Henry, Rebecca Hirota, Andrew Krug, Allison LaPlatney, Alexandra Panzer, Casey Robinson, Jonathan Shaw and James Rutherford. The creative team will include Props by Danielle Baskin, Costume Desgin by Karen Boyer & Bevan Dunbar, Set Design by Jonathan Collins, Special Effects by Stephanie Cox-Williams (named NYC’s Queen of Gore by New York Press), Sound Design by Colin Fulton, and Lighting Design by Alana Jacoby.

In 2445, the robots rebelled and were barely defeated: 20 years later, the surviving humans live in an aggressively anti-technological society, relegated to lives of wasteland scavenging or service to a military protectorate.  Into this wakes C-12, a lone nannybot who must traverse the wastes in search of her purpose in a world without machines.

About the Company: AntiMatter Collective

Necessarily ephemeral, theater is not matter (though it may matter, we hope). ANTIMATTER COLLECTIVE was formed in order to excavate a new kind of theater that confronts the chasms between art and entertainment, the comic and the tragic, the squalid and the transcendent. The foundation of our process is the conviction that the collective intelligence and ideas of the group, when properly harnessed, will always lead to richer work than those of the individual. Periods of discussion, development, and play challenge everyone involved to map out the depths of their initial impulses and push beyond. This leads to work that is smart and subtle without sacrificing its visceral punch and sense of pure fun.

Open:   09/28/12
Close:   10/14/12

Thursday through Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm
Theater:   Secret Theatre
Address:   4402 23rd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
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E, V or G to 23/Ely or 7 to 45/Courthouse

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