Genre: Drama

A Festival of Fools is pleased to announce the world premiere of an original, full-length verse play: "The Zeal of the Zealot: Being the Tale in Which Impostor Finds His Faith" written by artistic director Timothy Bungeroth. The production is directed by Amanda Thompson.

The Indomitable Impostor (a primordial trickster spirit) returns to the stage in the concluding chapter of The Holy Thrillogy of modern verse plays, all written by Bungeroth and produced by A Festival of Fools.

We find Impostor, humbled and contrite, accounting for his past sins in a monastery and rejecting his previous devious ways. But a pair of bumbling, sexually ambiguous heralds (who appear only in his head) start meddling with his peaceful existence. They throw a saucy dame his way and watch the drama unfold as Impostor must decide between his true, irreverent nature and his new, imposed docility.

Will Impostor crumble under his guilt or triumph despite it? Can he listen to the voices in his head without going mad? Will the pontificating monks and horrified nuns stand in the way of his true love? Will those three sisters ever stop squabbling and will their Mother's hair ever finish drying? These questions and more will be answered, with robust bouts of sword fighting and general mayhem, set to an original score by Brian Kirchner.


Open:   09/13/12
Close:   09/22/12

09/13/12- 8:00:00
09/14/12- 8:00:00
09/15/12- 8:00:00
09/20/12- 8:00:00
09/21/12- 8:00:00
09/22/12- 8:00:00
Theater:   The Balcony Theater at West-Park Presbyt
Address:   165 West 86th Street
New York, NY 10024
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Cost:$8, $10
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006