Genre: Drama

Beirut is set during a modern plague when people infected with a new virus are branded with the letter "P" for positive and quarantined in Lower Manhattan. Torch, a young man who is infected but asymptomatic, spends his days and nights in a rundown basement apartment, desperately seeking a way to make sense of his disease, maybe even to cure it. In between daily checks by a Lesion Patrol guard who enforces the quarantine, Torch dreams of his uninfected girlfriend Blue, and his pre-virus life. One night, Blue risks everything to visit him. Their electrifying reunion forces the would-be couple to face the reality of living in a new world order where a kiss or a touch could lead to their death. Beirut is an unrelenting love story, with equal parts desire, passion and exquisite pain. It premiered in 1987 during the first few years of the AIDS epidemic, and the play's powerful message continues to reverberate nearly three decades later. With or without fatal disease, all intimate human contact carries risk. Love accepts that risk, whatever the consequence.


Open:   09/12/12
Close:   09/29/12

09/12/12- 7:00:00
09/13/12- 8:00:00
09/14/12- 8:00:00
09/15/12- 8:00:00
09/20/12- 8:00:00
09/21/12- 8:00:00
09/22/12- 8:00:00
09/24/12- 9:00:00
09/27/12- 8:00:00
09/28/12- 8:00:00
09/29/12- 8:00:00
Theater:   Under Saint Marks Theatre
Address:   94 Saint Marks Place (bet 1st Ave a
New York, NY 10009
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Cost:$0, $18
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