Genre: Drama
Patricia Burke Brogan

 “Eclipsed” is based on true events of Ms. Burke Brogan’s experiences as a young novice in one of the Magdalene Laundries. Under the watchful eyes of the strict nuns, “Eclipsed” tells the story of four girls scorned not only by society but their own families. Considered “fallen”, they were locked up and forgotten. In this institution, some girls fought to regain their childhoods, while others fought to regain their children. Forced to endure heavy labor, mental, physical and emotional abuse, these girls fought until their last breaths.

The Magdalene Laundries operated for over 100 years, the last one closed in 1996. They generated income by taking in laundry from local businesses and churches. In what amounted to slave labor, the girls were never paid for their work.

It is now up to us to continue the fight for the 30,000 girls who passed through these laundries.  Hardly anyone knows that these institutions even existed. History does repeat itself; mostly because we refuse to learn from it. IVP invites you to listen and learn, and from there change can happen.

Cast: Ashley Adelman, Lindsay- Elizabeth Hand, Amy Losi, Maria Makenna, Christine Thomson, Ally Tufenkjian, Maria Viteri, Sandra Dianne Wilson
Open:   09/28/12
Close:   10/14/12

Friday, September 28th @ 7:00PM

Saturday, September 29th @ 7:00PM

Friday, October 5th @ 7:00PM

Saturday, October 6th @7:00PM

Friday, October 12th @ 7:00PM

Saturday, October 13th @ 7:00PM

Sunday, October 14th @ 3:00PM

Theater:   The Tank @ 46th Street
Address:   151 w. 46th St. (b/t 6th and 7th Av
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:$ 15.00
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