Genre: Classical, Drama
Written by Anton Chekhov, Directed and Adapted by Thomas R. Gordon

"A modern interpretation of a timeless classic!"
In a small rural Virginia town, three sisters (Olga, Irina, and Masha) and their brother Andrei live with their father, while daily dreaming of returning to their former home, New York City. Soldiers from the local military base, Fort Lee, provide them some companionship, but there is still something clearly missing in each of their lives…Olga attempts to find satisfaction in teaching but secretly longs for a home and family. Masha, unhappy with her marriage, falls hopelessly in love with a married colonel. And while Irina works at a call center she longs to be a part of the party scene in the city.  Will these women find what is missing in each of them? Please join The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company this fall as we re-examine this timeless, classic piece of theatre!

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Artistic Crew
Production Stage Manager - Tasha Partee
Costume Design - Charlotte Gaspard
Set Design - Zach Serafin

About the Company: The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company

The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company was formed to serve as a safe space for anyone who works in the arts, and considers themselves and to be an underdog, a misfit or just misunderstood.  Quite often, many of these artists will have grand ideas, yet remain too apprehensive or afraid to express them.  We at The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company wish to change this by producing theatre that supports the underdog.  Our goal is to produce theatre that not only entertain audiences but also enlightens and educates everyone involved in our productions.  From doing a classic piece of theatre to experimenting with new possibilities in performance art, nothing is too big or too small for The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company.  We are dedicated to producing shows that can change a persons heart and imagination!  Our hope is that The Onomatopoeia Theatre Company will regularly serve as a safe space and catalyst for new art, idea’s , and dreams for years to come.  Please join us in this mission!




Cast: Alan Cordoba, Charles Young, John Noel, Jolynn Carpenter, Danielle Patsakos, Grace Lubeck, Natalie Kropf, Samuel Muniz, Sarah Misch, Peter Klein
Open:   09/13/12
Close:   09/30/12

Official Performance Dates and Times of "The Three Sisters":
Sept. 13th @ 7PM
Sept. 14th @ 7PM
Sept. 15th @ 7PM
Sept. 16th @ 3PM

Sept. 20th @ 7PM
Sept. 21st @ 7PM
Sept. 22nd @ 7PM
Sept. 23rd @ 3PM

Sept. 27th @ 7PM
Sept. 28th @ 7PM
Sept. 29th @ 7PM
Sept. 30th @ 3PM

Theater:   Players Theatre Loft
Address:   115 MacDougal Street
New York, NY 10012
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A, B, C, D, E, F, V trains to West 4th Street.

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