Genre: Dance Theater

Anna seemingly has it all. A great profession, A loving husband, and life in the big city.But look a little deeper and you will find a woman who's life like the rest of ours is not as neat as appears. She takes care of an ailing husband, She is not sure if it was smart enough to wait till the clock was ticking to start a family. Life has day to day become so repetitive that not even therapy is working anymore. So like many people in this situation Anna decides to revisit a passion of long ago the Tango. It not only brings the passion and the fire back into her life in the form of Paul. It brings about more intensity and complications than Anna ever thought were possible. In an instant making her question every choice she has ever made as woman until this point.The Tango, and Mr. Muro's dance company become the sobering fever Anna needed to remember what it means to be alive.The play is Choreograph by Valeria Solomonoff.Stars; World renowned tango dancer Esteban Domenichini- Lead Dancer of the musical TANGUERA and Mariana ParmaCast: Cecilia Saia, Teresa Ann Volgenau, Ed Goytia, Ed Trucco, Sandra Maren Scheneider, Nelson Landrieu as Mr. Muro

Dance Theater"

Dance.Dance Theater

Open:   09/19/12
Close:   10/07/12

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09/19/12- 8:00
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10/06/12- 8:00
10/07/12- 4:00
10/07/12- 8:00

Theater:   Clemente Soto Velez Ctr
Address:   107 Suffolk Street
New York, NY 10002
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Cost:$30.00 - $40.00
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