Genre: Classical, Comedy, Drama, Lesbian+Gay
Written by Mateo Moreno, Directed by Mateo Moreno and Alexis Black

Happily After Tonight is set in a world, not unlike our own, except in this world, their celebrities aren't Brad and Angelina.  They're fairy tale characters.  When the story opens, it's been 10 years since the Wolf attacked Red Riding Hood, and things have changed quite a bit. Red owns a bar where her sister Alice, a constant tabloid fixture due to her partying, sometimes works.  Aurora, the famous Sleeping Beauty, has just woken up, and paparazzi are following her everywhere.  But, all is not well. Someone is killing off one fairy tale character at a time. Happily After Tonight is a tongue-in-cheek send-up of maddening celebrity culture.

A shorter version was previously workshopped at the Brick Theater in 2010. The production stars Sarah E. Jacobs, Dinah Berkeley, Michaela Alyse Tomcho, Benjamin Gooch, Megan Hartig, Jevon McFerrin, Asher Bailey, Jack Horton Gilbert, Laura Valpey, Philip J. Rossi, Emma Servant, Misty Foster, Alexis Black, and Mateo Moreno.  The play is directed by Mateo Moreno and Alexis Black, who also serves as fight choreographer. The production team includes Julz Kroboth (costume design), Daniel A. Weiss (original music) and Stephanie Layton (art design).

Open:   07/19/12
Close:   07/28/12

Wed - Sat at 8pm
Sun at 2pm & 8pm
Theater:   TBG Theater, Main Space
Address:   312 west 36th Street, 3rd Fllor
New York, NY 10018
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Company: Five Dollar Bill         Official Web Site: www.happilyaftertonight.com