Written by Eric John Meyer, Directed by Luke Harlan


Dogs of Oklahoma is a live-streaming radio drama series performed for a live theater audience.

“One of the most fun shows I’ve seen in the past three years…I just need to find the patience to wait for the next episode.”

In the summer of 1919, Rob Gehry returns home from WWI to find that his family no longer lives on the Oklahoma farm where he was born…and no one knows where they are.

Down the road, Clyde Williamson comes back home after a string of successful bank robberies, only to be kicked out by his wife Caroline.

Two years later, Clyde’s older son Van meets Rob at the train Station. Friends since childhood, Van is ready to welcome Rob back like a member of the family. But Rob has changed. He’s keeping secrets. And one of the few possessions he brought back to Oklahoma is a fantastic death machine few people have seen before: a new invention called the Thompson Submachine Gun.

Featuring Jed Peterson, Jerry Richardson, Sean Mellott, Bill Weeden, Julia Christgau, Laurie Schroeder, Philip Callen, Matt Clevy, Brett Aresco, & James B. Kennedy

Live music by Christopher Paul Stelling

Foley art by Jean Ann Douglas

About the Company: The Brick Theater

The Brick Theater, Inc. is a not-for-profit theater company dedicated to nurturing the work of emerging artists at its performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - The Brick. The Brick presents world premieres, monthly performance series and seasonal festivals, expanding Williamsburg's profile as a destination for cutting-edge art and entertainment. The Brick continues to seek new artists and projects, to provide them with a creative home and to serve as Williamsburg's primary incubator of innovative theater arts.

Open:   06/23/12
Close:   06/30/12

Saturday, June 23 at 9pm
Sunday June 24 at 6pm
Wednesday June 27 at 8pm
Thursday June 28 at 8pm
Friday June 29 at 7pm
Saturday June 30 at 6pm
Theater:   Brick Theater
Address:   575 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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