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Sometimes life’s winding road is paved with trials; storms challenge our faith, and mountains block our way. But where two or more are gathered, God is in the midst. Welcome to the Holy Battalion Church of Christ. Where wives throw their husbands over church balconies, and the outside message board says “Come fellowship with us…or go to hell."The Brethren is a powerful and uplifting story about having faith, and unity during a time of economic uncertainty. Deacon Zacharias Wilson is the Head Deacon in a struggling Harlem Church. Wilson is devoted to serving his church and his community, but things aren’t easy, territorial gangs are tagging the building, the mortgage is way past due, and rich real estate mogul Reginald Graham wants to buy the property and put up condominiums. To make matters worse, Deacon Wilson has taken up the wearisome task of keeping peace amongst the Brethren. The Storm clouds are gathering, and God has called on five men to battle the very forces that are rising up against the church: If only they could stop battling each other.This powerful play, with tight ensemble acting, presents a hilarious yet stinging portrayal of church-going men on the brink of difficult decisions. When the playwright takes you on a journey beneath the surface of the characters, the actors truly shine and deliver an ending you won’t want to miss. (Minister Angela Bowman)Never underestimate the power of God! This play was truly a blessing; it has confirmed what a wonderful God we serve, through the lives of these five brothers. (Choices Magazine)The Brethren is a spiritual suspense story. The characters were uniquely casted. Each actor casting his or her spell over the audience. From the deep theological questions raised, to today's urban concerns, and morals, the cast weaves in the golden thread of humor for a wonderful viewing experience. I came away thoroughly delighted, and enthused. The cast brings to the forefront the art of acting. To Thomas Goggans (Writer/Director) a job well done. Three cheers, two thumbs up, five stars, praise the Lord, halleljah, and of coarse Blessing. (Deacon Douglas J. Brown, Sr.)



Open:   06/23/12
Close:   06/23/12

06/23/12- 8:00
Theater:   Fourth Presbyterian Church
Address:   2072 Newbold Ave
Bronx, NY 10462
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