Genre: Dance Theater

Concept & dance/visual director: Kiori KawaiMusic composer/director & multimedia programmer: Aaron SherwoodDancers: Ching-I Chang, Kevin Ho, Kiori Kawai, Masanori Asahara, Marjolayne AugerVoice: Amy CarriganViolin: Jason Kao HwangPiano: Jesse LynchWe human beings are a part of nature, even in the urban life. A city, composed of steel, concrete, glass, electrical lines, cellular data, wifi signals, etc., taken in and of itself can appear cold and lifeless, barren in its overwhelming inorganic-ness. From this perspective it can almost seem desert-like, devoid of life. However, a desert is not devoid of life. There is water; there is life. The water may be minimal, and overwhelmed by the heat, the arid air, and the barrenness, but the desert still thrives in its own peculiar ecosystem. Us humans, we are a city’s water. We make all that electricity, cellular data, grand architecture, concrete, and steel flow. Despite the un-humanness in everything that surrounds us in a city, we thrive, and make the city thrive, in its own peculiar ecosystem.Purring Tiger is a multi-cultural, multimedia, experimental performance group dedicated to bringing people together in the context of Art, in a subtext of Wonder. Consisting primarily of Japanese choreographer Kiori Kawai, and American composer and multimedia programmer Aaron Sherwood, Purring Tiger uses technology to intertwine the human body with sounds and visuals, and foster interaction.



Open:   06/09/12
Close:   06/10/12

06/09/12- 7:30
06/10/12- 7:30
Theater:   Tribeca Performing Arts Ctr.
Address:   199 Chambers Street
New York, NY 10011
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