Genre: Comedy

Join us for an evening of dark and exhilarating tales as The RATS Company brings to life the brilliant short stories of one of the world's most beloved authors. Director Aleksey Burago's spellbinding stagecraft and use of magical realism breathes new life into a mesmerizing array of characters. Enter a twisted world where reality shifts beneath your feet and the unexpected awaits at every corner. These moral tales for grown ups will chill your blood and tempt your soul. Come for some sadistic fun and prepare to be surprised.  Adaptation: Fred Pezzulli & Di ZhuDirector: Aleksey BuragoSet Design: Olia RogovaLighting Design: Joyce LiaoOriginal Music: Di ZhuFeaturing: Don A Carlos, Michel Chahade, Snezhana Chernova, Michael Donaldson, Yael Dray-Barel, Robert Freedman, Alejandro Fumero-Gil, Jeff Kissam, Stass Klassen*, Kelen Lopes, Mindy Luce, Andy McCutcheon, Flavio Romeo, Barry Schneider, Aya Shapovalov, Natalie Solomonov, Charles Sprinkle*, Danusia Trevino*, Irina Yemialyanava, Di Zhu, Marius Zilberstein



Open:   06/08/12
Close:   07/01/12

06/08/12- 8:00
06/09/12- 8:00
06/10/12- 2:00
06/11/12- 7:00
06/14/12- 8:00
06/16/12- 2:00
06/17/12- 8:00
06/20/12- 8:00
06/22/12- 8:00
06/23/12- 8:00
06/24/12- 2:00
06/28/12- 8:00
06/30/12- 2:00
07/01/12- 8:00
Theater:   The Connelly Theater
Address:   220 East 4th St
New York, NY 10009
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Cost:$0.00 - $25.00
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