Genre: Folklorico

You are invited to dance in community- traditional Balkan, Greek, Rom, Armenian, Near Eastern, and modern sacred circle dances. Throughout all ages and cultures, traditional circle dances were used to honor the divine, to heal, to affirm connection to the earth and each other, to build community and celebrate rites of passages and life transitions. The danced patterns illuminate the web of these connections. It is where personal and universal healing can occur.

We will use the traditional dances as a platform for heightening awareness of body/self, self to community and self to cosmos. We will examine the dances on multiple levels to indulge in these connections.

We will be celebrating the Summer Solstice. This is the time of greatest light, the longest day. We will be celebrating the full expansion of light in us and all around us. We celebrate in our dances that which reconnects us into the ancient way of honoring the earth's rhythms. We will seek not only guidance from the dances but from those who created these dances, the ancestors of the dances. The wisdom of the ancient ones are held within the dances. As we attentively dance and plug into this wisdom we reweave ourselves into the time honored web of life.

The dances are joyful, meditative, mournful, full of beauty, longing, life and celebration!

About Nada:

Nada Khodlova MA BC-DMT LCAT is a Dance Movement Therapist and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist. Nada has worked in the human services field for the last 17 years in a variety of settings including mental health clinics, nursing homes, day treatment centers, homeless shelters, and school/community based programs. Presently, Nada works as a Supervisor of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Dance/Movement Therapist on an acute adult inpatient psychiatric unit in the North Bronx. Nada has danced with the Duncan Dance Collective, Rina Rinkewich/Return of the Sun, PURE, and the Thais Mazur Dance Company. Recently, Nada has trained with Laura Shannon in a 2 year Women's Ritual Dance intensive program and received a certification. Nada is of Croatian-Czech descent and has experienced many gifts of homecoming through these dances. She hopes to honor the wisdom and potency of these dances and to pass this on to


"Nada Khodlova is a gifted and nurturing teacher. She makes her students feel welcome, supported, and valued while sharing her expertise and her passion for these dances. Nada is doing the critical and cutting-edge work of creating community and re-introducing the divine feminine".
~Rina Rinkewich(Artistic Director, Return of the Sun)

"Nada's ritual dance workshop was one of the most self-nurturing,
inspiring, and significant dance experiences I've had in my whole
life. Her thoughtful introduction of each traditional dance is
especially rewarding and helped me to feel connected to centuries of
women who have danced these dances before." -Michelle Goldsmith-Dance/
Movement Therapist

"Nada's invitational spirit is seen in her warm eyes and smile, in her
gentle and generous manner of teaching and in her passionate
enthusiasm for dance. The musical offerings traveled us round the
globe and in this way, she honored our collective ancestral spirits.
The dances provided pathways for us to come home within ourselves."
-Moriah Vecchia

"Nada leads us through our dance together into a deep sense of ourconnection with each other and with the Earth, our mother. We sense our sacredness in our movement as one." -Paula


Open:   06/22/12
Close:   06/22/12

06/22/12- 7:00:00
Theater:   Bridge for Dance Studios
Address:   2726 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10025
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