Genre: Festival
Jennifer Conley Darling

According to the New York Times "SOLONOVA ARTS FESTIVAL, May 29-June 17. In “unFramed” the poet and painter Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, born in Antigua, tells the story of his move to America as a child and his subsequent struggles — including nearly being deported after Sept. 11 — while painting a self-portrait. “unFramed” is one of 10 shows in this diverse celebration of solo performance; (212) 352-3101,"

About the Company: Terranova Collective

TERRANOVA COLLECTIVE is a vibrant playground for artists devoted to innovative new and original theatrical works. Its multi-layered development process, solo arts festivals, and productions serve to nurture and liberate New York City.

Open:   05/29/12
Close:   06/17/12

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Theater:   The New Ohio Theatre
Address:   154 Christopher Street (between Gre
New York, NY 10014
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Cost:$20 for one show. $30 for two shows. $100 for festival pass.
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