Genre: Jazz

Video artist, Kara Hearn is mounting a barebones, experimentally cast production that uses an orphan-themed Broadway musical (we have been advised not to name) as its point of departure. Inspired by the experience of watching or listening to orphan-themed musicals as a child and projecting oneself into the starring role, the project is designed to serve a group of adults who never had the chance to fulfill this dream on stage. The casting of each part was based more on the willingness and need of the performers than on singing, dancing ability, or appearance.

Under the direction of Sarah Cameron Sunde in collaboration with choreographer Pia Monique Murray and composer Christopher Berg, the team will have the absurd task, that is, the creative challenge of generating a new musical that fulfills the performers' sincere desire to be in a famous orphan musical without them actually being in one of the famous orphan musicals.

The 8 cast members were drawn to the project for a variety of reasons. Doug had an audition to be in Oliver when he was 11 but backed out at the last minute from stage fright. Angela is an adoptee and an orphan who has a complicated relationship with orphan-themed musicals. Katherine was consistently overlooked for starring roles because of her race. Brian is a performer who loves musicals but who doesn't sing well. Michael was drawn to performing arts as a child but was steered by his parents into an engineering high school instead. This is his first time performing.

This impractical project is taking place over 5 weeks at EFA Project Space in Manhattan. The project will exist as an ongoing live performance (rehearsals are open to the public) and in its final form as a 30 to 45 minute video documenting the process of putting on the production, from auditions to opening night. There is a final performance on May 19 at 7pm.

Unnamed Broadway Musical: The Musical! is the second project to join EFA Project Space's Artist/Organizer Series. This series provides the use of EFA Project Space to highlight the activities of Artist/Organizers -- pivotal artists who, through the act of organizing, are compelled to readdress and refresh the framework through which we use artistic expression to build community.


Open:   05/19/12
Close:   05/19/12

05/19/12- 7:00:00
Theater:   EFA Project Space
Address:   323 West 39th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10018
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