Genre: Comedy
Directed by Jeff LaGreca

It's September, 1981 at Millard Fillmore Elementary School in Randy Lakes, NJ.  Post it notes have just been invented, MTV has hit the airwaves and Ronald Regan is President.  Follow the students of Mrs. Carrol's Spelling and Vocabulary Class as they improvise their way through the 3rd grade armed only with their Houghton Mifflin primers.

IRTE is heading back to school with their latest long-form improvised comedy. Long form improv is "unscripted theater" focused on developing strong, fun characters and plot. Taking just a few suggestions from the audience, the cast of Mrs. Carrol's will create a new play every night, completely on the fly.

Starring Nannette Deasy, Robert Baumgardner, Alex Decaneas, Curt Dixon, Jamie Maloney, Vicky Mesrie, Isabelle Owens, and Johnny Zito.

After successful runs of vIRTEgoand HINT! which Outerstage called 

"a clever cacophony of topical humor, retro references, and  on-their-feet wit

... a merry chase" ,

About the Company: IRTE: The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble

IRTE: The Improvisational Repertory Theatre Ensemble, an ensemble of theatrical actors and writers who will develop, produce, and perform a season of original themed improvisational shows and video sketches following the basic model of traditional repertory theatre. 

Open:   05/21/12
Close:   06/28/12

5/21, 7:30 at Parkside Lounge
317 E Houston Btwn Ave B & C
6/3, 6:00 at The Creek
10-93 Jackson Ave, Queens
6/28, 11:00pm at The PIT
123 E 24th St
Theater:   Various Venues Around Town
New York, NY
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Cost:FREE 5/21, 6/3. $5.00 6/28 or Call: at