Genre: Classical
By William Shakespeare, Directed by Amanda Bruton

Julius Caesar marks the fourth annual FREE Shakespeare production that SSP has shared with New York audiences at Central Park's Summit Rock.  Dedicated to bringing the Shakespeare of olden times to modern audiences, SSP uses original Elizabethan performance techniques—involving audience interaction, cue scripts-in-hand and LOTS of spontaneity—to bring Shakespeare's words to life in a thrilling and hilarious way.  This is seriously entertaining Shakespeare, the like of which you have never seen before, performed by actors trained in Original Practice rehearsal techniques.  Julius Caesar is performed outdoors for FREE so pack your picnic blankets and Central Park friendly lunches.  It’s fun for the whole family!

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, tells the story of history’s most famous emperor, his bloody assassination, and Rome’s subsequent collapse into chaos and civil war.  Watch 8 actors perform over 30 roles in the First Folio Style with cue scripts in hand, all in 90 minutes or less.   What better way to get ready for the 2012 Election than with a fast and furious, action-packed, production of Shakespeare’s most political play-- Julius Caesar.

About the Company: Spontaneous Shakespeare Players

Spontaneous Shakespeare Players is a group of professional independent theatre artists who bring the spontaneity and fun of Shakespeare's plays to modern audiences.  By using Elizabethan performance techniques, which involve limited to no rehearsal and the ability to instantly bring the Bard's words to physical and entertaining heights, we give our audiences a historical taste of how Shakespeare's plays would have originally been performed.
In Shakespeare's day, the theatre was the premier venue in entertainment--much like today's IMAX, Wiis, and reality television--and his plays possessed a competitive edge that made them popular among yesteryear's audiences.  That electricity is sadly often lost in modern performance.  The Spontaneous Shakespeare Players, however, strive to not only present these great works of art with historical authenticity but also to entertain audiences with the same moment-to-moment vivacity that wowed Elizabethan and Jacobean groundlings and monarchs alike, so long ago.  
Shakespeare's plays were called plays because they were about playing not acting, and our performances bring Shakespeare's plays alive in a way that connects people of all age groups and walks of life.  Shakespeare plays are timeless for a reason and we, Spontaneous Shakespeare Players, focus on the text, play only the text, and play hard to make what was new in olden times new again.
Open:   05/12/12
Close:   05/20/12

May 12th at 12PM, May 13th at 3PM, May 19th at 12PM, May 20th at 3PM
Theater:   Central Park's Summit Rock
Address:   West 83rd Street & CPW
New York, NY
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Cost:FREE or Call: at
Company: Spontaneous Shakespeare Players         Official Web Site: www.spontaneousshakespeare.com