Genre: Drama, Other

One Old Crow presents: Cowboy Mouth

This play with original music composed in collaboration with the cast and director will take place in a site-specific location above the bar Lucky Cheng's in the Lower East Side and will incorporate elements of the streets of New York. We invite you into Cavale's apt, where she has been holding Slim "captive" for a while now...

Cowboy Mouth, a labor born out of the actual relationship between Sam Shepard and Patti Smith, is an explosion of poetry, music, action, and inaction. Slim, a musician, is kidnapped and held hostage by the young Cavale who dreams of making him the next rock n' roll savior. What follows is a hypnotic meditation on art, desire, music, the state of the world, the place of dreams, and "two people that were destined -- two big dreamers who came together but were destined to come to a sad end." (Patti Smith, 1974).

In exuberant celebration of the dream that keeps us all going, no matter what the end is, we perform to remind ourselves why we keep performing.


Open:   06/07/12
Close:   06/22/12

06/07/12- 8:00:00
06/08/12- 8:00:00
06/10/12- 5:00:00
06/11/12- 8:00:00
06/12/12- 8:00:00
06/13/12- 8:00:00
06/14/12- 8:00:00
06/15/12- 10:00:00
06/15/12- 8:00:00
06/17/12- 5:00:00
06/20/12- 8:00:00
06/21/12- 8:00:00
06/22/12- 8:00:00
Theater:   Above Lucky Cheng's
Address:   24 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10009
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Cost:$10, $15
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006