Genre: Drama
Trifles written by Susan Glaspell, 1905 Wife by Anonymous, Directed by Nancy Greening

Two American writers penned the stories you will see in Trifles and 1905 Wife. Both were women. Both wrote 100 years ago, before the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote in national elections in 1920.

So, they couldn't vote. But they could write.

Susan Glaspell, was famous when she wrote her first play, Trifles, in 1916; she was already a successful novelist. She went on to become the 2nd woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for drama. Susan had also been a journalist; she was inspired to write Trifles because of a story she covered as a journalist in 1900. Trifles illuminates an intimate world of women's lives apart from men, as well the deep empathy one human being may have for another, which can transcend duty, and custom, and, even, the law.

The other writer is Anonymous. We don't know much about her except what she tells us. She lived in the Midwest and she married a farmer. All the rest you will hear from the actress who speaks her words in her story, 1905 Wife. Although we shorten her story and add dramatic elements, every word you will hear from her in the story is unchanged from her original manuscript as published in a local newspaper in 1905. She writes about her life, about how things are, and how things could be different. She loves to read but must hide books from her husband, who does not want her to read. By bringing her story to life now, we are helping to fulfill her fondest wishthat her story will be heard.

Both of our plays reveal lives "outside" the confines of roles imposed by society. Both appeal to our imaginations and our desire to love life and live joyfully.


About the Company: d'moiselles

d’moiselles present a community of new and experienced artists engaged to promote the creativity and vision of women working in theater. We provide a culture where women can initiate projects, take risks, experiment, develop, collaborate, and produce with other theater professionals in an atmosphere of understanding and integrity. d’moiselles strive to create theatrical events that use the power of theater tools — the vigorous use of text, heightened perspectives on reality, robust images, compelling sound, and resonant designs to tell stories. d’moiselles explore work that is unusual, often overlooked, non-traditional, or not conventional, creating productions that impact and invigorate artists and audiences.

Open:   05/05/12
Close:   05/10/12

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Theater:   Stage Left Studio
Address:   214 West 30th Street
New York, NY 10018
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Sally Connors (Fifi, Effie, and the Donut Lady Effie) has appeared many times on stage and has accomplished much in her life and continues to do both happily.


Actor and screenwriter Seth Ruffer is enjoying a very busy 2012.  He recently finished shooting a major role in Draftstar Entertainment's upcoming horror feature Eternal Damn Nation, and his role in the suspense film Retribution begins shooting later this Spring.  

Seth is working on a production deal for his screenplay Three Houses, a dramedy about race relations in the suburbs which won the coveted New York Times Script Shark contest. Seth’s action thriller script The Delivery has recently been requested for consideration by a major Los Angeles-based production company.  

Seth lives in northern New Jersey with his wife, Soo, and Mojo, the world's largest labradoodle. 


 David most recently appeared as Niels Bohr in The Company’s production of Copenhagen in Hackensack. Recent NY appearances were as Creon and the Messenger in Euripides’Medea

David has worked with Nancy Greening prior to this project in her play Light Reading which was received to critical acclaim at the NY Fringe Festival. 

He has also worked with Ann Warren on various past projects, including several productions with the avant-garde company, Theatre Et Al. Other favorite past roles have included T. S. Eliot inTom and Viv and King Henry VIII in A Man for All Seasons.



Melinda Graham recently graduated with an MFA in Acting from the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University.  She also studied improvisation in Chicago at The Second City, IO Chicago, and Annoyance Theaters. Favorite roles include Roberta in Danny & the Deep Blue Sea, Ata in Criminal Hearts, Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Alexandra in On the Verge.  

TV/Film credits include Boardwalk EmpireUgly BettyThe Break Up, and Support.  

Melinda most recently performed the role of Karen Cohen in Criminal Mischief and Joyce Ryan in Weight at both the Strawberry One Act Festival and Manhattan Repertory Theater’s One Act Festival. 



ames is thrilled to be on stage with d’moiselles. 

James has been seen on the New York stage in Thom Pain: Based on Nothing. He has been working for the past few years doing Children’s Theatre and Shakespeare throughout the South East. 

He would like to thank his family and friends for their continued support.