Genre: Drama, Other

The Head Case Showcase is a project started by four former New School students featuring their post-grad original works. Each evening includes:

In My Head, Everything is All Right
Written by Trine Boode, Directed by Eric Borlaug
Dave's life is a dream... in the sense that he lays down while things he doesn't control happen around him. He lives in a bubble where lovely Jane adores him and his roommate is his best friend and life is okay. But once good-old fashioned self-awareness kicks in, the paint starts peeling and reality, whatever that means, breaks everything down.

The Pageant Queen of Needmore, Texas
Written by Emily Murnane, Directed by Cris Knutson
Grandma's an alcoholic. Dad's got gambling debts. Brother's probably selling drugs. Mom's gone crazy and put 6-year-old daughter into beauty pageants. With the introduction of a little money and a charming stranger, this wobbly house of cards comes crashing down.

I Dream of Sheep
Written and Directed by Valentino Yung
Dan's a little messed up. His son wants nothing to do with him, he's got a majestic flim-flammer neighbor Carl, and he's cheating on one woman with another. Oh, and he's got a pet sheep. Don't forget the pet sheep.

The Frequencies of Love
Written by Valerie Tregubenko, Directed by Trine Boode
Nikolai and Natasha are just your average, everyday couple trying to sell their apartment in Brooklyn (not the fashionable part). Except they're getting a divorce and taking out their frustrations on poor, unassuming Adrian, whose only mistake was answering their ad on Craigslist. Vodka shots are poured, papers are signed, insanity ensues.

Run time each evening will be approximately 3 hours including intermission, during which beer, wine, and other refreshements will be available.


Open:   03/30/12
Close:   04/01/12

03/30/12- 7:00:00
03/31/12- 7:00:00
04/01/12- 2:00:00
04/01/12- 7:00:00
Theater:   Imperial Loft Theatre
Address:   114 E 31st St
New York, NY 10016
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Cost:$5, $15
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Brown Paper Tickets at 1-800-838-3006