Genre: Modern

May 6th performances by: and Nicole Bindler
May 7th performances by: Tori Lawrence, Christina Gesualdi and Marcel Williams Foster

Mascher Space Cooperative, a home for new dance in Philadelphia, brings to CPR two evenings of experimental work by Philadelphia based dance artists. Artist imagined, artist founded, artist shared and run, Mascher's mission is to provide (both through tangible structure and intangible infrastructure) space that is affordable and versatile and a community of support that allows for a flow of ideas and modes of deep problem solving and inquiry. Bound not by aesthetics, but a common commitment to working cooperatively and sharing administrative tasks and resources, Mascher wildly nurtures the development of its Artists-In-Residence at various stages in their careers, lines of research, and explorations.

performs situation: becoming, with Choreography by Megan Bridge in collaboration with the dancers; music and video by Peter Price; Dramaturgy by Laura Vriend; Costumes by Heidi Barr; Performed by Megan Bridge, Zornitsa Stoyanova, and Annie Wilson. situation: becoming is just that. It's clean and playful. Breathy and warm. Spare and rich. Just a tiny bit post-human. It's about citation, presence and where you are when you are, and aren't, "in your body. http://www.thefidget.org

Nicole Bindler performs Sand in My Soda Pop with sound design by Bhob Rainey and a cameo appearance by Annie Wilson. A woman has an unrequited crush on the lifeguard at the beach. He doesn't even know she exists. Will she drown herself to get his attention, or will the world be destroyed by nuclear war before she gets a chance? Sand in My Soda Pop is a tragi-comic dance-theater work that is funny, subversive and full of surprises. "The beginning is so strong... you make us watch from the get go." --Liz Lerman, 2009 http://nicolebindler.com/

Jane Goodall Speaks with a Native About Nature. Hyphen-Nation Arts joined forces with Marcel W. Foster and presented the "comic delight" (The Art Blog) of The Jane Goodall: Experience. Join Jane once again as she leaps across the Atlantic Ocean with the help of her friend, the interwebs, to live-stream a conversation about the beauty and future of Africa with Tanzanian Environmental HistorianDunstan Matungwa.

Christina Gesualdi performs sequeriousexperiensentiality:
"sequeriousexperiensentiality = my solo attempt to load a dance, thus, making it: sequential, serious, experiential, sensual, and essential.
You say, 'But I wanted something that would meticulously make my postmodern panties drop, and instead, this just sounds over-ambitious'
True. This piece will take you back to the weirdness of 9th grade as it pathetically reasserts itself in space and hints at the heaviness of my heart."

Tori Lawrence + Co presents "Awakened Ruins" with Choreography by Tori Lawrence, performed by dancers Emily Herchenroether, Christina Knipp, Ashley Lippolis, Pamela Vail with Violinist: Christopher Brooks, Pianist: Patrick Fink and Costume Design by Virginia West and Tori Lawrence. "Awakened Ruins" is originally an evening length site-specific piece made and set in Founder's Hall at Girard College, but now has been transplanted in a more traditional stage setting. The piece explores the beauty, decay, and permanence of the forgotten, architectural forms that once existed. Fully coated in uneven and congealed patches of dried clay, four dancers join a violinist and pianist to embody a structure's erosion through time. www.torilawrenceco.com

This performance is part of New Voices in Live Performance: CPR's New Voices in Live Performance is a core program of its presenting activities that showcases contemporary experimental performance in a concentrated series in the spring. As part of the New Voices in Live Performance program, well-established and emerging voices in the dance community are invited to curate a series of events that include performances, lectures, panel discussions and other activities all open to the public.


Open:   05/06/12
Close:   05/07/12

05/06/12- 7:30:00
05/07/12- 7:30:00
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