Set in rural Iowa where a munitions factory serves as the only industry for miles around, Jose Antigo begins when a stranger turns up at the local diner known more for its small-town gossip than its coffee and daily specials. In just a few days the eponymous stranger begins to play a vital role at the diner, so much so, the matron, Betty, defends his character when mysterious events begin to happen around town. For some people in town, however, Jose Antigo's racial and physical Otherness is too much to bear, let alone to trust. His mission is unclear, his look is unfamiliar but his impact is significant. Jose Antigo breaks the routine of this near-forgotten place, a place where some are stuck, some long to escape, but no one could anticipate the events that follow the arrival of Jose Antigo.

Featuring RJ Batlle, Daniel Hainsworth, Phoebe Halkowich, John Paul Harkins and Sarah e. Jacobs
Directed by Richard Hymes-Esposito
Set Design by Robert Lee Simmons
Lighting and Sound Design by Roy T. Chang
Stage Manager Charles C. Casano


Open:   02/20/12
Close:   03/04/12

02/20/12- 8:00
02/21/12- 8:00
02/22/12- 8:00
02/24/12- 8:00
02/25/12- 2:00
02/25/12- 8:00
02/26/12- 2:00
02/26/12- 7:00
02/28/12- 8:00
02/29/12- 8:00
03/03/12- 8:00
03/04/12- 1:00
03/04/12- 6:00
Theater:   American Theatre Of Actors
Address:   314 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019
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