ReGroup Dance and guest choreographer Annie Malcolm will present an intimate program consisting of four pieces. Sophie's contribution to the program questions the arbitrary data that identifies a human being, in turn making space for the performers to present themselves in other ways. Paula will perform a solo that articulates questions of how one risks change. She seeks to highlight the way in which we navigate the processes of letting go and moving on without losing our ability to recognize the non-negotiable "self". Meg's work focuses on the physical act of walking as an abstraction, and will include multimedia elements and original music. Annie's piece, "Never Going Back Again", is based on the solo "Weird Lunch", which she performed in 2010 at the CSV Center in her grandmother's trousseau. This series of performances, while grounded in its original mission, is the company's first appearance before a New York audience.


Open:   03/23/12
Close:   03/24/12

03/23/12- 7:30:00
03/24/12- 7:30:00
Theater:   Center for Performance Research
Address:   361 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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L Trian to Graham Avenue (3rd Stop in Brooklyn) Exit right out of turnstyle Left down Graham Avenue Left on Jackson Street Right on Manhattan Avenue

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