The New York Times said MAX MAVEN THINKING IN PERSON is a "category-defying mind-reading show that veers into CONCEPTUAL ART." More than just the world's foremost mind-reader, Max Maven brings a new form of participatory theatre to the world involving hundreds of minds including yours. Audiences from Russia to England to Argentina to Japan (yes, he speaks fluent Japanese) have been ASTONISHED and ENTERTAINED by Maven's bizarre brand of MENTAL MAGIC.

Armed with an acerbic wit, and what the Los Angeles Times called "CHARISMATIC ANIMAL MAGNETISM," Max explores a wide variety of topics ranging from abstract painting to Kabuki theatre, from theology to higher mathematics. The Chicago Tribune called it "WONDERFULLY ESOTERIC."

Audiences in more than two dozen countries agree. So don't miss your opportunity to be dazzled by the NEW YORK DEBUT of MAX MAVEN THINKING IN PERSON.

It's Magic, Mystery and Mentalism to the MAX! And it's an evening you'll never forget.


Open:   06/12/12
Close:   06/12/12

06/12/12- 7:00:00
Theater:   Abingdon Theatre
Address:   312 W. 36th Street (1st floor)
New York, NY 10018
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