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"When I put myself in a cow's place, I really have to be that cow and not just a person in a cow costume." - Temple Grandin

Present Pariah, Inc/Carrie Ahern Dance presents...

Borrowed Prey

Conceived, researched, directed and performed by Carrie Ahern
Original score by Anne Hege
Featuring text by Temple Grandin and Carrie Ahern
Dramaturgy by Vanessa DeWolf
Set and Lighting Design by Jay Ryan
Costume by Naoko Nagata

Borrowed Prey is an investigation of our relationship to the animals that most of us consume. Bringing together 4 strands of research: hunting, butchering, and slaughtering of animals, plus the work of animal behavior scientist and autistic Dr. Temple Grandin, I am attempting to illuminate more about the true "farm to table" process and our human capacity for empathy.


Open:   04/26/12
Close:   05/13/12

04/26/12- 9:00:00
04/27/12- 9:00:00
04/28/12- 8:00:00
04/29/12- 8:00:00
05/03/12- 9:00:00
05/04/12- 9:00:00
05/05/12- 8:00:00
05/06/12- 8:00:00
05/10/12- 9:00:00
05/11/12- 9:00:00
05/12/12- 8:00:00
05/13/12- 8:00:00
Theater:   Dickson's Farmstand Meats
Address:   Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue bet
New York, NY 10011
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Cost:$15, $50
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