Genre: Drama
Howard I Laniado (playwright); Julia Morgantini (director)

Instantaneous present, continually being transformed into remembered past, as it is replaced by an anticipated future is the through line of "Tripartite Time (three one act plays)". The plays, "A Sailor's Tale”, "d=½gt2", "Epiphany", performed in succession reveal Time past, Time present, Time future, the true nature of what is simply called "Time". TRIPARTITE TIME. A Merchant Marine officer laments a lost love; two World Trade Center clerks relive nine eleven as they look at the emptiness where the North Tower stood; a Naval Officer grapples intellectually and emotionally with a just concluded fire mission off Korea. His frustration and rage at TIME run deep and wide. During an argument with a fellow officer emotions almost turn violent.  "A Sailor's Tale” runs 9 minutes, "d=½gt2" runs 3 minutes twice (it is first presented by male actors then reprised by female actors), "Epiphany" runs 38 minutes.

Open:   03/15/12
Close:   04/01/12

March 15-17 (Thurs-Sat) 8 pm
March 17 (Sat Matinee) 3 pm
March 18 (Sun) 7 pm

March 21-24 (Wed-Sat) 8 pm
March 24 (Sat Matinee) 3 pm
March 25 (Sun) 7 pm

March 28-31 (Thurs-Sat) 8 pm
March 31 (Sat Matinee) 3 pm
April 1 (Sun) 7 pm

Theater:   Bridge Theater at Shetler
Address:   244 West 54th Street, 12th Floor
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