Genre: Drama
Shirley Lauro, Directed By: Bridget Leak

A Piece of My Heart
by Shirley Lauro
produced by Infinite Variety Productions


*February 25th performance will include a talkback with 4 women who served in Vietnam.

Over 10,000 women volunteered to go to Vietnam during the war; to help the soldiers, to make a difference.  Leaving their homes as kids, they returned as adults and found themselves changed in an unchanged world.

Shirley Lauro's "A Piece of My Heart" follows the lives of six of these women. Through the bombs, blood, and warfare they are able to find friends, lovers, and a daily routine. Come time to leave, they find themselves stuck between two worlds. "Everyday life" back home becomes the true battle for these ladies, as their normal lives are no longer normal. Based on true stories of women who served, unfortunately no official record of these women serving in Vietnam was kept.  Making these stories being told even more important.

About Infinite Variety Productions
IVP believes that these stories are essential; without learning from the past, we cannot hope to improve the future. Infinite Variety Productions started with two actors wishing to change downtown theatre by tackling plays that might incite discussion and emotion in the audience. Ashley Adelman and Maria Makenna started this journey last spring with a production of Jean Paul Sartre's "No Exit", which opened at Theatre For The New City to sold out audiences. They combined forces with Bridget Leak, a fellow MFA classmate, and have been honored to work with her since. After a year of work, they had pulled together the perfect team for "A Piece of My Heart". After a successful, soldout run in at The Tank Theatre in midtown, The Living Theatre asked IVP to bring the show to their theatre in February.


IVP is pleased to introduce their amazing cast:

Ashley Adelman, Matt Bridges, Larissa Dzegar, Amber Quick, Maria Makenna, Elizabeth McNelis and Petol Weekes

About the Company: Infinite Variety Productions

Infinite Variety Production's mission is: To create opportunities for female artists. To voice the words of unnoted storytellers. To broaden the public purview one audience at a time.


Infinite Variety Productions was started by Ashley Adelman and Maria Makenna, who have been working in the New York theatre scene for several years.
After finishing prestigious acting programs at The Actors Studio Drama School, NYU TISCH and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, they eagerly entered the scene, hoping to become a part of something that would have a real impact on the world around them. They soon discovered that the best way to be a part of something important is to create it.
Jean-Paul Sartre's "No Exit", their first production, opened to great acclaim in June of 2011 at Theatre For The New City. It was theatre that incited real conversation! The ladies were inspired to tackle their next project, Shirley Lauro's "A Piece of My Heart". The play, based on true stories of women who served in Vietnam, opened on Veteran's Day 2011 at The Tank Theatre to sold out performances.  The Living Theatre, after seeing the show asked the women of IVP to bring the play to their theatre in February!

IVP was even honored by several women who had served in the war, who graciously agreed to a talkback following the show. The stories these women told reinforced what Ashley and Maria had begun to understand: too many of these stories have gone unheard. IVP is looking forward to telling many more.


Open:   02/19/12
Close:   02/26/12

February 19th- 2 pm
February 20th- 7:30 pm
February 25th- 2 pm
February 26th- 7:30 pm
Theater:   Living Theatre
Address:   21 Clinton Street
New York,
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