Genre: Drama
Written by Mac Rogers, Directed by Jordana Williams

Gideon Productions will present Advance Man, part one of Mac Rogers’ (Universal Robots; Viral) sc-fi epic The Honeycomb Trilogy, January 12-29 as part of BFG Collective’s six month long residency at The Secret Theatre (44 02 23rd Street, Long Island City). The production will be directed by Jordana Williams (Viral; Hail Satan) and will feature Becky Byers (New York Innovative Theatre Award Nomination for Flux Theatre Ensemble’s Dog Act), Becky Comtois (Independent Theater Bloggers Association Individual Performance Citation for Viral), Amanda Duarte (Endoftheworldlovesong at The Flea), Jason Howard (New York Innovative Theatre Award Nomination for Gideon’s Universal Robots), Abraham Makany (The Brig at The Living Theater), David Rosenblatt (The Play About My Dad at Collaboration Town), Brian Silliman (Henry IV), Kristen Vaughan (New York Innovative Theatre Award for Retro Productions’ Benefactors), Sean Williams (Hail Satan), and Shaun Bennet Wilson (Interchange at WorkShop Theater Company). The creative team will include Lighting Design by Sarah E. Lurie, Costume Design by Amanda Jenks, Sound Design by Jeanne Travis (New York Innovative Theatre Award nomination for Boomerang Theatre Company’s The Desk Set), Props Design by Stephanie Cox-Williams & Pete Boisvert, and Set Design by Saundra Yaklin. The production will be Stage Managed by Devan Hibbard.

Advance Man centers on the family of Bill Cooke, the leader of a group of astronauts who have returned from the first manned mission to Mars bearing secrets and illicit cargo that could forever alter not only their lives, but all of humanity.

The Honeycomb Trilogy by Mac Rogers are three stand alone plays set in the same futuristic universe, that together create an epic sci-fi trilogy. Part Two: Blast Radius will run March 29-April 15 and Part Three: Sovereign will run June 14-July 1.


About the Company: BFG Collective

BFG COLLECTIVE Three of New York City’s top indie theatre companies, Boomerang Theatre Company, Flux Theatre Ensemble, and Gideon Productions, have joined forces to form the BFG Collective, which will hold a six-month-long residency at Long Island City’s The Secret Theatre.


Open:   01/12/12
Close:   01/29/12

Thursday through Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm with additional performances on Wednesday, January 18 and Monday, January 23 at 8pm.
Theater:   Secret Theatre
Address:   4402 23rd Street
Long Island City, NY 11101
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E, V or G to 23/Ely or 7 to 45/Courthouse

Cost:$18; $15 students & seniors
Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ovation Tickets at 866-811-4111
Company: BFG Collective         Official Web Site: