Genre: Other
Ann Warren & Chris Kadis Moscato, Projections by Robert Morton, Directed by Sally Burtenshaw



Dziewczyna (Polish for "girl") is an 80 minute theatrical concert that tells the story of a Polish girl named Elzbieta.

It begins in August 1956 as Sopot, Poland hosts its first ever Jazz Festival. Jazz was emerging from the underground and seen as a symbol of freedom and liberation. Four-year-old Elzbieta watches her father’s counterculture jazz ensemble play at the festival. Later, in October 1956, Maksymilian Jach and band member Janusz Tumas travel to Warsaw to protest, demanding the government release the jailed Cardinal Wyszynski. Maks is arrested and disappears, sending Elzbieta on a lifelong quest for her father shaping her role as a family member, woman, and citizen, her Polish identity, and a way to tell her story.

In a series of flashback vignettes, live jazz, classical and electronic musical selections, Elzbieta recounts her life in communist Poland and missing her lost father. Through videos and historical photography, we witness her scarring memories of soviet tanks outside Warsaw in 1956; share in her poignant reminiscences as she grows from a young girl to a young woman; and observe as she chronicles searching for her father, the deaths of family members and friends, protests met with violence and repression, and a life that is constantly threatened by the regime whose official image directly opposes the rapidly developing political and artistic movements. It is through this turmoil that Elzbieta develops the desire to stand up for liberty and for Poland. 

As the Solidarity movement spreads, our story comes to a close. In December 1981, Elzbieta revisits her horrible memories when tanks return to the streets as martial law is declared, but this time she is ready to stand up and fight for freedom. In an act of solidarity with our audience, we present a montage of the events that will shape Poland in the 1980s and the future republic. Where Dziewczyna ends, the modern Polish journey begins.

Dziewczyna is a part of HEREstay, HERE’s curated rental program, which provides artists with subsidized space and equipment, as well as technical support.

Original Music & Sound composed by Ann Warren, Chris Kadis Moscato, Christopher Dickson
Dramaturge - Nancy Greening
Projections and Original Videos by Robert Morton
Additional Video by Allan Markowitz
Setting, Screen & Equipment Design - Richard Sage;
Lighting Design - Milim Sung
Costume Designer - Catherine Siracusa
Fashion Advisor - Colleen Fletcher Miller

performed by concrete timbre
Ian J. Baggette – Bass
Angelo Di Loreto – Piano
Manuela Le Chler - Alto Sax; 
Aleksandra Miglowiec – Flute;
Robert Morton – Projections
Chris Kadis Moscato – Computer
Mauricio de Souza – Drums;
Ann Warren - Computer, Electronics
Keiji Yoshino – Guitar; 
Michael Stebbins - Voiceovers

About the Company: Concrete Timbre

Concrete Timbre is a composer-driven performance collective that creates interdisciplinary theatrical productions featuring live contemporary music. Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve to be a driving force in fostering opportunities for composers and theatrical creators to collaborate and nurture new talent (of any age) in our productions. We focus on sharing cultural perspectives through the exchange of artistic and historical ideas through high quality public performances that combine original music and texts, with elements of dance, imagery, and design.

Open:   12/16/11
Close:   12/17/11

Friday December 16, 2011 @ 8:30 pm
Saturday December 17, 2011 @ 8:30 pm
Theater:   Here Arts Center
Address:   145 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10013
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Closest subway: C,E to Spring Street; south to theatre

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