Genre: Dance

November 19 ~ Saturday ~ 2PM Sharp (Doors open at 1:30PM)

Dancehackit is a global improvisation of dance, music, fashion, and technology - remixed and streamed in real time on the worldwide web. Simultaneously to the same musical playlist, dancers in West Africa, the Caribbean, and several cities in the United States will join the “mother launch pad” in the Kumble’s Black Box to share creativity and showcase fresh ideas in a new virtual platform. Join us to view the presentation on the Kumble’s wide screen as well as a post panel discussion with the organizers and sponsors on the topic, Creativity The Next Commodity: How Do Artists Master the Technology for Sustainability and Profit.

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Sponsored by: Streets of New York 411 | Vyou | Vokle| Kumble Theater | The Blu Wonder | WoomenMoves klickable | 
Dreamface | O'hours | Buyosphere | 282AC

Open:   11/19/11
Close:   11/19/11

November 19 ~ Saturday ~ 2PM Sharp (Doors open at 1:30PM)
Theater:   Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts
Address:   1 University Plaza
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