Genre: Festival
A Night of One Acts Produced by Cone Man Running Productions

Cone Man Running Productions is debuting in Houston with a night of one acts to give the audience a sampling of diverse works and incredible talent. The shows are:

"Book of Love" by Michael Weems
Tara is a love machine who is going to have that baby whether her hubby, Will, wants it or not. Tara is a love machine that's gone a little haywire and with only one route back to reality - Will.
Directed by Sam Schnuer; Starring: Trish Needom and Eddie Rodriguez

"The Truth of a Lie at the Heart of a Deception" by Carl Williams
Monty’s ‘grueling’ rehab includes two therapists (one for morning, one for afternoon) and a rather knowing wife.
Directed by Eddie Rodriguez; Starring: Louis Crespo, Melissa McEver, Trish Needom and Ruth Shauberger McCleskey

"Guayaba Tree" by Peter Wittenberg
As hungry neighborhood kids pick from Mom's guayaba tree, she smiles. When her son accuses them of stealing, she displays a similar generosity in sharing an unspoken part of her history.
Directed by Christine Weems; Starring: Dolly Fischer and Sam Martinez

"Anniversary Special" by Nora Vetter
A pair of burnt out waiters enjoy a game of cat and mouse with an unsuspecting couple.
Directed by Christine Weems; Starring: Louis Crespo, Loren Jackson, Erin Reed and Laura Schlecht

"Speaking to Spirits with James Goodwin" by Nicholas Garelick
A ghost whisperer with a national TV show gets much more than he bargained for when the voices start talking back.
Directed by Laura Schlecht; Starring: Scott Holmes, Sudeane Holmes, Christy Jimmerson, Sam Martinez and Melissa McEver

"Untitled (Self Portrait)" by Eric James
A chance meeting in front of a masterpiece provides solace and hope to a pair of kindred spirits.
Directed by Lonnie Westeen; Starring Robert Lowe and Zona Jane Meyer

"Martin" by Lonnie Westeen
Wedding: The most heinous act imaginable… especially to a guy who’s losing his hag.
Directed by Lonnie Westeen; Starring: Amanda Brock, Nicholas Garelick and Sam Schnuer

About the Company: Cone Man Running Productions

Cone Man Running Productions seeks to challenge the playwrights, directors and actors while enticing audiences with not only traditional theatre productions, but with unique and innovative theatrical projects like the Spontaneous Smattering and the Pass and Go.

They sincerely hope you join them in their journey as they continue to try to keep ahead of the cone man and not look back!

Open:   10/28/11
Close:   10/29/11

Theater:   Obsidian Art Space
Address:   3522 White Oak
Houston, TX
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Cost:$12 or Call: Reservations - conemanprod@gmail.com at (281)773-3642
Company: Cone Man Running Productions         Official Web Site: www.conemanrunning.com
Amanda Brock Gloria - "Martin"

Amanda was last seen on stage in The Miss Firecracker Contest at Company OnStage, where she has been acting in kid shows and musicals for the past several years.  She is also busy behind the scenes and has operated the lightboard at Obsidian before for Thunderclap productions.  She has also recently discovered improv comedy.  By day, she is a lowly graduate student.

Louis Crespo Randy - "Anniversary Special", Monte - "The Truth of a Lie at the Heart of a Deception"

Louis has performed with many theatre groups in the Houston area. His credits include The Little Shop of Horrors (Seymour), King Lear (Edgar), Guys and Dolls (Sky Masterson), The Boys Next Door (Arnold), Urinetown (Bobby Strong), The Cocktail Hour (John), I Love You,You’re Perfect, Now Change, The Importance of Being Earnest (John Worthing), Annie (Rooster), Little Women: The Musical (Laurie), Gilligan’s Island: The Musical (Gilligan), Godspell (Jesus),and The Fantasticks (Matt).

Dolly Fischer Mom - "Guayaba Tree"

Dolly Fischer has been active in theatre for over 20 years performing in and around Houston in classics such as To Kill A Mockingbird, Summer & Smoke, The Kentucky Cycle and many others. Dolly performed last summer at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival in The Comfort of Anger by Houston playwright, Fernando Dovalina. She is also very happy about working again with Christine Weems, who played Dolly's daughter in Santos, by the same playwright. She considers it an honor to be in The Guyaba Tree by Peter Wittenberg portraying his mother whom she considers to be an amazing lady. Dolly thanks her husband for his loving support and encouragement and Peter for having faith in her to help make his beautiful play come alive.

Nicholas Garelick Eugene - "Martin", Playwright - "Speaking To Spirits With James Goodwin"

Nicholas M. Garelick is the current president of Scriptwriters/Houston.  A graduate ofthe University of Houston with degrees in Theatre and English/Creative Writing, his plays (which include Speaking to Spirits, The Oracle in Repose, Radiant Star Paladin Pleione, The Three Lives of Marion, and Universe Cake) have been performed around town at UH, the University of St. Thomas, Country Playhouse, the Houston Fringe Festival, and for the annual Museum Plays for S/H.  Previous works in the 10x10 are Catching Falling Stars and 1+1. He is also an accomplished actor, director, and all-around theatre swiss army knife, having done work for S/H,Theatre Suburbia, Company Onstage, HCC NE, Theatre Southwest, Wordsmyth Theatre and The Unheard Voices.

Scott Holmes Announcer - "Speaking To Spirits With James Goodwin"

Scott Holmes is happy to be back at Obsidian Art Space having been seen in the very first production here, The Hurricane Plays.  He spends most of his time at  Theatre Southwest where he serves on the board of directors. Some of his favorite roles include Lawrence Garfinkle in Other People’s Money, Andrew Wyke in Sleuth, John Cleves in Any Wednesday, Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple, and Lenny in Neil Simon’s Rumors. Scott is especially happy to be working on this production with his beautiful wife Sudeane.

Sudeane Holmes Gloria - "Speaking To Spirits With James Goodwin"

Sudeane Holmes is making her debut at OAS and is thrilled to be on stage with such a great cast. Comparatively new to the theatre, she has appeared in two productions, both at Theatre Southwest; Mrs. Morehead in The Women and Adrian in Books on Tape in The Festival of Originals along side her very talented husband, Scott. She would like to thank Laura Schlecht for casting her as one of the crazy loons.

Loren Jackson Charles - "Anniversary Special"

Loren Jackson is some dude we asked to fill in.  He has no acting skills or talent and had to be drugged to commit to the show.  By the way, please don’t tell him that he’s drugged or he might sober up and decide not to do the show.  He is a former elected official who still dabbles in politics so if you ever see his name on a ballot – VOTE FOR HIM!

Christy Jimmerson Bernice - "Speaking To Spirits With James Goodwin"

Christy is excited to be a part of this year’s production of the 10X10 in her first appearance, as Ms. Heart.  She’s a graduate of a Los Angeles Acting Academy and performs stand-up comedy around Houston when her shrink is out-of-town.  Christy last appeared in Theatre Suburbia’s Who’s That Masked Man as Mother Pinchpenny (2011).  She doesn’t get out much because she’s too busy harvesting her farm on Facebook.  She works as a Contracts Negotiator in the oil and gas industry.  Her hobbies are horseback riding and macramé (at the same time).  Christy’s idols since childhood are: Lucille Ball, Gilda Radner and Joan of Arc. 

Robert Lowe Joseph - "Untitled (Self Portrait)"

Robert appeared at Obsidian Art Space last fall in Chess Game Tuesday, a part of  Thunderclap Productions' show,  The Great Storm. He has appeared on a number of other Houston stages including Actors Theatre, Theatre Southwest, Country Playhouse,  Houston Grand Opera, Edge Theatre, and Upstage Theatre.  His favorite roles include Argon in The Imaginary Invalid; Elwood in Harvey, Juror #10 in Twelve Angry Men, Victor in Barefoot in the Park, the ghost of John Barrymore in I Hate Hamlet, Willie in The Sunshine Boys, and whatever comes next.

Sam Martinez James - "Speaking To Spirits With James Goodwin", Son - "Guayaba Tree"

Sam is outrageously talented.  Sam has an affinity for topiaries and dislikes unfiltered water.  Sam refuses to eat after you if you double dip.  Sam also doesn't write his own bios.

Melissa Mcever Spirit - "Speaking To Spirits With James Goodwin", Jeanette - "The Truth of a Lie at the Heart of a Deception"

Melissa McEver is happy to be onstage again after a hiatus. She most recently appeared in Divergence Vocal Theater's Selkie and Red Door Theatre Company's School for Scandal. She has performed at theatres in the Rio Grande Valley and the Texas Hill Country. She also sings soprano, and not just in the shower.

Zona Jane Meyer Mae - "Untitled (Self Portrait)"

Zona Jane Meyer has been in and around Houston Theatre for over a decade.  You may have seen her in productions at Theatre Suburbia, Theatre Southwest, Country Playhouse, Main Street Theatre and numerous other venues.  Besides being a lovely woman with a sparkling personality, she is an actress who has an innate ability to disappear into different characters and whose biggest flaw is her failure to timely turn in a bio.

Trish Needom Tara - "Book of Love", Phyllis - "The Truth of a Lie at the Heart of a Deception"

Trish Needom is a true Drama Queen on stage and off. Although acting is her passion, she is also a writer and director. As a Drama graduate of the University of St. Thomas, Houston TX, Trish is thrilled to be actively pursuing her theatrical dreams and what she feels is her destiny. Trish's film credits include Whatever It Takes, A Date Aside, Gabby's Bus, So Undercover, The Lucky One and The Marrying Kind. Stage credits include Guys and Dolls, Destiny's Gift and Somebody Else's Husband. Trish's writing has produced several shorts and a feature screenplay, a stage play and various vignettes. Trish is exceedingly proud of her most recent project, Whatever It Takes, which was a theatrical trifecta for her, written, directed by and starring, yours truly.

Erin Elizabeth Reed Bethany - "Anniversary Special"

 Erin Elizabeth Reed makes her debut with the 10x10s playing a jaded prostitute.  That's after having played a sexually aggressive ex-girlfriend in The Coitus Play: Pre and the would-be fiancee who demands more in The Anniversary Special.  She regularly appears both on stage and in film and was recently cast as the female lead in Tyler, which will begin principal photography later this month.  She has studied camera technique under Deke Anderson and character development with Philip Lehl.  Erin is a two-time graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, where she received her B.A. in English with a minor in Theatre, and her J.D. in Law.  She is passionate about performing and is thrilled to share her love for acting with you tonight! 

Eddie Rodriguez Will - "Book of Love", Director - "The Truth of a Lie at the Heart of a Deception"

Eddie Rodriguez is excited to return to make his Houston acting debut after spending so much time wreaking havoc in New York City where he appeared with Phare Play Productions as the Police Superintendent in No Sex Please, We're British, a "landscape architect" in Arcadia or as part of Mindbleach.  He has also appeared in two of the WWSS - 21 hour play festivals.  You can also see Eddie (Partygoer #132) in the most recent James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace as well as the  Angelina Jolie movie Salt (Secret Service Man #12).  He is one third of Cone Man Productions alongside Michael and Christine Weems and is excited to be bringing the theater fun to Texas.

Ruth Shauberger Mccleskey Rebecca - "The Truth of a Lie at the Heart of a Deception"

Ruth Shauberger McCleskey graduated from the University of Houston, magna cum laude, with a degree in theater. Various acting credits include Wizard of Oz, Macbeth Mixup, Three Bags Full, Romeo and Juliet, The Hollow, The Nerd, Sordid Lives, Pinocchio Commedia, Done to Death, You Can't Take It With You, Romantic Comedy, Carl the Second, Blueness/Grayness, and All in the Timing.  She has also performed with a long form improv ensemble group, Massive Creativity, in Houston, Austin, San Francisco, and Chicago.

Laura Schlecht Director - "Speaking To Spirits With James Goodwin", Nikki - "Anniversary Special"

Laura has been involved with various theatre productions around town - both onstage and off.  She was most recently seen playing multiple roles in String of Pearls with Pandora Theatre and directed for both the 10x10 (A Discussion of the L Word) and Madcap24 (Please No More Bukowski, Professor) last year.  Favorite roles include Catherine in Proof, Bernice in Dryope and Iole and Jane Ellen/Janie in The Illustrated Woman.  Laura also produces The 48 Hour Film Project (www.48hourfilm.com) here in Houston and assists with coordinating the project internationally.  Other projects and hobbies include website/database/graphic design, riding her bicycle and being happy.

Sam Schnuer Martin - "Martin", Director - "Book of Love"

Sam has recently relinquished the title of "The World's Most Interesting Man".  Unfortunately it was right before the commercial deal with Dos Equis so Sam missed out on some serious residual money.  In addition to his fervent boycott of Dos Equis beer, he routinely takes his tigers for a walk around Memorial Park and occasionally kicks the ass of the new Heineken spokesman - just because he can.  When not practicing to defend his knife throwing championship, he can be seen around town escorting showgirls to exquisite dinners and bars.  Or you can just check him out at the corner Jason's Deli.  Yeah, he's making sandwiches.

Eric James Playwright - "Untitled (Self Portrait)"
Eric James received his BA in English - Creative Writing at the University of Houston where he studied under author Mary Gaitskill and playwright Edward Albee, among others.  His plays In My Mother's Heels and Winter Tree both received full productions through the Edward Albee New Play Workshops in the late 1990s. Heels was later picked up by Stages Repertory Theatre for a short run.  His short plays were selected and produced for five consecutive years in Houston's annual 10x10 showcase of new plays and in 2009, his two-act play, Stop, Traveler, received a professional reading at Stages as part of Wordsmyth Theater's new play reading series. In 2011, he made his New York debut when NativeAliens produced his short piece, Blood.  He has seen several of his plays produced throughout Houston including productions with Mildreds Umbrella and Big Head Productions.  He currently sits on the board of Wordsmyth Theater and was a founding member of Thunderclap Productions, where his short plays have been presented as part of The Great Storm and Death, The Musical.  He is often asked to read and evaluate submissions for various theatre companies and has worked as a dramaturg on rare occasion.  He is a member of the Dramatist's Guild of America.


Nora Vetter Playwright - "Anniversary Special"

Nora Vetter -  Nora's short plays were most recently seen in Almost Olive Juice - A night of short plays by Nora Vetter produced by ArtEffects Theatre Company, NY.  Previously her work has been produced by Phare Play Productions and Just Ask Productions, NY and Shelterbelt Theatre, NE.  Thanks to all of those involved (past & present) with bringing Anniversary Special to life! Full length version of Randy & Nikki's antics coming soon! www.noravetter.com

Michael Weems Playwright - "Book of Love"

Michael Weems is a Houston based writer, playwright, and actor.  Recent playwriting credits include:  Bludgeon the Lime (Phare Play Productions);  Synchronicity (Love Creek Productions); Fragments and Onward, Forward (Little Hibiscus Productions), Subtlety (Chattanooga State Community College), Laugh Riot (The Seven Collective); Burden Me (Strawberry Riant Festival); Ready to Shine (Brief Acts); Blown Away (Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga) and A Fondness for Aqua Net (n.u.f.a.n ensemble).  Upcoming productions include:  Run Run Away (Changing Scene Theatre’s Summer Play 2011).Recent plays published include: Bludgeon the Lime (JAC Publications); Onward Forward (Aspire Plays); Synchronicity (Plays – The Drama Magazine for Young Audiences, and a selected monologue  for Meriwether Publishing Limited in their upcoming collection, Young Women's Monologues from Contemporary Plays: Volume 3.  His one act Subtlety was named 'Outstanding Play' by the Curan Rep Notes from the Underground Festival and Waiting Life was named as a top 10 finalist in Saint Mary Hall's "Spring Shorts" 10 Minute Play Fest in San Antonio, Texas.  Thanks to my loves, Christine, Thomas, & Jack.  www.michaeltweems.com.

L. Robert Westeen Playwright - "Martin", Director - "Martin" and "Untitled (Self Portrait)"

L. Robert Westeen was born in Upper Michigan and raised in Wisconsin. In 2001 he relocated to Houston, Texas. He recently debuted his one man show Cocaine and Ethel Merman: A New Homo Guide at Obsidian Arts Space. As a playwright his scripts have been produced in New York, New York by Phare Play Productions (Telling Ma), Madison, Wisconsin by Stage Q (Here Boy and Telling Ma), Minneapolis, Minnesota by the Phoenix Playhouse and Arena Theater, Inc. (Article 125 and Shambles), and also through the youth theater program with the YWCA in Wausau, Wisconsin and here locally by the Company OnStage. Mr. Westeen’s directing credits include: Romeo and Juliet, Loves Labours Lost, Article 125, Pack of Lies, Doubt: A Parable, Reckless, Coming Back to Jersey, The Hollow, Three Bags Full and Hedda Gabler.  www.lrobertwesteen.com

Carl Williams Playwright - "The Truth of a Lie at the Heart of a Deception"

Carl Williams has been writing plays for nearly 20 years.  His full-length and one-act plays have won numerous national playwriting competitions and have been produced around the country, including off-off-Broadway.  Over 30 of his plays have been published, with several one-acts appearing in Smith & Kraus anthologies.  Locally, he has been produced multiple times in the Scriptwriters/Houston Ten by Ten, Theatre Southwest's Festival of Originals, and UpStage Theatre's Festival of Comedy.  Local full-length play productions have appeared at Company OnStage, Theatre Suburbia, Fort Bend Theatre, Pasadena Little Theatre, Clear Creek Country Theatre, and Art Park Players.  Carl is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America.

Peter Wittenberg Playwright - "Guayaba Tree"

Peter Wittenberg has studied under theater greats Edward Albee, Stuart Ostrow, and Lanford Wilson.  His recent productions include Charming 'Lil StormChess Game Tuesday, Visitor and Loplop Presents Loplop.  He also served as a book writer and lyricist for Thunderclap Productions' Death the Musical.  His play Boy is set to be produced in Mildred’s Umbrella's Museum of Dysfuntion this December. He and Eric James have written two one act plays under the title The Coitus Plays, set
to be produced at Obsidian Art Space in February. As always, he loves to spend his time with his two beautiful girls: Stacey and Chloe.

Christine Weems Director - "Guayaba Tree" and "Anniversary Special"

Christine Weems started her acting career in the witness stand playing multiple characters for mock trials while in college and law school.  She was then fortunate enough to be cast in shows at Company OnStage, Theatre Suburbia, College of Mainland, Harbour Playhouse and other fine theatres in and around the 610 loop.  She took a hiatus from real life to venture up to New York City and turned a three month excursion into almost five years.  During that time, she acted in theatre and TV as well as co-founded a theatre company - Phare Play Productions.  Directing credits include No Sex Please, We're British, Fragments, Art, Office Hours, Tape, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged] and Carl the Second.  Much appreciation to Peter and Eric as well as this amazing cast.  And of course, much love to Michael, Tommy and Jack whose patience and love makes it possible for me to continue to play.  www.cvweems.com