Genre: Comedy, Dance, Lesbian+Gay, Musical, Solo Performance
©Kawaii Mathews
trent armand kendall (book & additional lyrics) michael polese (music & lyrics)

On the occasion of his birthday, one desperate, middle-aged New Yorker has a drink, a smoke, and cleans house! This one-man musical is extremely heartfelt and very funny! The Storyteller goes on a journey of self-exploration told through monologues, colorful characters and original songs. A complete soul-stirring, foot-stomping, laugh-out-loud musical experience!

Recommended for: all audiences, teenagers, adults, elderly, theatre community, LGBT community, ethnic community (including African-American, Latino and others). 


The one man musical sensation from the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival returns to New York!

THE UNITED SOLO THEATRE FESTIVAL, Tuesday OCTOBER 25th @ 9pm, Theatre ROW-Studio Theatre



“What really makes ‘Picture Complete’ sing is author-star Trent Armand Kendall who not only has an amazing voice but also moves smoothly and skillfully between comedic and serious movements. The upbeat message of his show is that if the picture is incomplete, it’s because there’s always more to learn.  IT’S A PLEASURE TO HEAR HIM TEACH.”   **** Stars
                                                                       -Lisa Levinson. TIME OUT, NEW YORK

“Trent Armand Kendall has a ferocious talent.  By the time his one-man musical ends, he is wrung out and we are infused with the kind of glow that only a superlative performance can kindle.   In 90 minutes, he sings, creates a number of absolutely delicious characters, descends into the audience to work the crowd and even turns somersaults.   This is a highly enjoyable and satisfying evening.”
                                                                        -Clifford Johnson III, BACKSTAGE

“This 90 minute tour-de-force performance is uniquely Trent Armand Kendall’s.  With a blend of humor, humanity and self-awareness the show is altogether endearing and delightful.  Mr. Trent is an extremely gifted performer with a show-stopping Broadway voice and some surprisingly soft shoes for a man of his build.   His talent as a character actor is also striking.  His passion, his connection to the work and his enthusiasm all show.  He delivers what can only be described a truly excellent 90 minutes of live theatre and music.   It is also a great idea that he has teamed up with a host of other obviously talented artists such as Michael Polese who wrote the music, Greg Ganakas who directs and of course his band, Adam Klipple, Sam Minaie and Michael Nappi, who back him up brilliantly.”
                                                                            -Brad Lee Thomason, nytheatre.com


“ ‘Picture Incomplete’ is an ode to joy and discovery.  It’s is a little bit Stew in ‘Passing Strange’, a little bit Eddie Murphy, a little bit Tyler Perry and a whole lot of Trent Kendall who is certainly up to the job at hand.   He is personable and endowed with a powerful and sensitive voice.  And yes, he is quite FUNNY! The songs by the gifted Michael Polese are philosophical, soul searching, foot stomping and questioning. Most impressive is the title song.   The arrangements are incredible.   So will ‘Picture Incomplete’ make it to Broadway?  It’s off to a great start.”
                                                                        -Oscar E. Moore, TalkEntertainment.com


“ ‘Picture Incomplete’ is jolting.   It puts Trent Armand Kendall to better use than any of his previous Broadway shows.  He is magnetically memorable as he captures, in color-suffused detail and supple voice, the feel and the sound of structured New York loneliness.  The steel-throated Kendall is at once a huggable lug of a stage presence as well as a startling versatile character actor.   The show transports you, which is more than many of the bigger musicals can manage.  Mr. Kendall proves that heart is all you really need.  And he’s got more than enough heart to sculpt the whole Upper West Side.”
                                                                            -Matthew Murray, Talkin’ Broadway


“Trent Armand Kendall’s ‘Picture Incomplete’ is a revelation.  It is FUNKY.  It is FIERCE.  It is FABULOUS.   Kendall examines what it means to be a human being lending his rich and soaring tenor to the words and music of collaborator Michael Polese.”
                                                                              -Next Magazine, New York


“The name of Trent Armand Kendall is hardly unfamiliar to New York’s cultural intelligentsia or the worldwide sphere, whether for his work on Broadway or concerts both here and abroad.   But it is with his unequivocally prodigious ‘Picture Incomplete’ that he is afforded the chance to dazzle as never before.   He accomplishes something here that goes way beyond his foreknown talents as a singer and physical acrobat.  In this show he is at long last allowed to display his incredible prowess as an actor beyond belief.    Written in tandem with the outstanding and brilliant composer/lyricist, Michael Polese, the show glistens with impeccable luster. Kendall completely slays the throng.   Both he and ‘Picture Incomplete’ deserve as much attention as possible.  Please pay attention.  This show is simply too good to miss.”
                                                                                -Andrew Martin, Nightlife Exchange

About the Company: Onemoe Music, LLC

Onemoe Music is the producing collaboration of Trent Armand Kendall and Karen Poindexter. Trent Armand Kendall is a popular actor who has made his home in New York City for more than 20 years (The Color Purple, Into The woods revival, Bat Boy the musical, Nunsense A-men!, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Five Guys Named Moe). Karen poindexter has more than 25 years experience producing regionally and in New York. New York credits include The News and The Prince of Central Park. In London she produced a revival of Hair among many other works. Other productions for development from Onemoe Music are LOUIS & ELLA , a revue celebrating the lives of two original Amercan Idols- Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, and TRAFFIC- a musical at the intersection of life and love. Both new productions have books written and conceived by Trent Armand Kendall.

PICTURE INCOMPLETE has been presented at The Abingdon theater Company(NYC), Luna Stage (West Orange, NJ), the Dallas Convention Center, The University of Missour-Columbia, a regional debut at Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center and was the one man musical sensation of the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival.

Open:   10/25/11
Close:   10/25/11

Tuesday , October 25th, 9pm
Theater:   Theatre Row's Studio Theatre
Address:   410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036
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Buy Tickets Online or Call: Telecharge at 212-239-6200
Company: Onemoe Music, LLC         Official Web Site: www.pictureincomplete.com