Genre: Musical
Book by R. Gould & J. Wechter - Music by R. Gould & R. Arbelo - Director - J. Wechter

Little House on the Ferry is, at its club beating heart, a love story. It follows a group of friends in a share house one late summer weekend. At the center is Randall, our hero, who is reluctantly in an open relationship with his older boyfriend, Timothy. Joining them at the house is Donnie, the dotting and wise House Mom, the ever-popular Max the muscle boy, and their wide-eyed house guest Antonio. When one of Randall's old flames, Jake, turns up at Tea (happy hour), hilarity and drama ensues for everyone. In the world of passionate affairs and meat racks, pain and vanity, what does it mean to be in love? Between Tea and sunrise, we might just find out with our Little House on the Ferry.


Keywords - Gay - Musical - 12 Songs - Fire Island


Main Character Breakdown:

  • Randall (30s) Handsome Leading man, loyal, honest, mixed emotions and a bit lost as he arrives at a cross-roads in his romantic life.
  • Timothy (40s) Randall’s older boyfriend. Very status and looks conscious. He’s needy and controlling. He’s a giver with his money, but a taker with most everything else.
  • Jake (20s) A lover, a dreamer and endlessly optimistic. He likes to rock the boat.
  • Donnie (40s)  The gang’s caregiver. He’s been there and done that. Sarcastic and funny, but has the battle scars of a challenging life.
  • Antonio (early 20s) Passionate Latino, curious, spontaneous and friendly with major crush on Max.
  • Max (30s) Easy going, extreme body builder with a surprising intellect.
Open:   11/03/11
Close:   11/20/11

Wednesday & Thursday 7 pm
Friday & Saturday 7pm & 9Pm
Sunday 3pm - Nov 6th Sold Out
Theater:   ATA
Address:   314 W. 54th St.
New York, ny 10019
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W 54th st. between 8th and 9th

Cost:Starting at $40 - General - $55 Premium - $70 Front Row
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