Genre: Comedy, Drama, Musical
Written by Mary Ann Hedderson + LJ Regine, Directed by Joshua John McKay

Saturdays Oct 8th-Dec 17th 10:45 PM at the Richmond Shepard Theatre (26 and 2nd)

VAMPURE.COM/ TWITTER/ FACEBOOK raves ‘Vampure’ is “Funny, well-acted, surprising and raw, with satirical political undertones that leave you wondering just who the vampires are when you exit the theater.” And calls it a “show you can really sink your teeth into!”

"Vampure" is a late night Rocky Horror-esque romp about seven vampires forced into rehab to cure their vile addiction to blood. In its second bigger and bloodier year, join the eccentric Dr. Fuschia Fernoak at her Vampure Rehabilitation Center on a frightening graduation night to remember!

During the course of this ghoulishly festive commencement, each vampire performs a "Performance: Art Piece" showcasing their individual talents. From inventing vampire skin-hiding make-up to absurd non-Broadway-caliber musical numbers, each vampire utilizes Dr. Fernoak's groundbreaking "Face All And Gain" (F.A.A.G) techniques that have compelled them to suppress their murderous instincts.

The President of the United States, the wily Todd Maple, is the guest-of-honor, making sure your hard-earned taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely to keep you safe, making sure Vampires too can take a bite out of the American Dream.

Check out the outrageous cast of vampires including the sexy Donnatella, a guidette vampire who just wants to make everyone as gorgeous as her, the glamorous Claire, a Golden Age Hollywood actress with an ax to grind and the smoldering Ryker, a fallen Confederate soldier just dying to meet a delectable audience.

An evening of treats, tricks and holiday cheer await, as you drink the night away in this merry and gay atmosphere. Have these vampires truly become Vampure? If you're not careful you may just become the drink yourself.

Returning for its second year of spooks, laughs and chills, "Vampure" is running every Saturday night throughout the fall. Before you hit the bars and clubs, start your night right by graduating Vampure. Wine and beer are served for $3 each. If you pre-order now at, get a pre-sale price of $12 for ANY show (pre-sale through 10/9).

Producer: FNDoit Productions
Director: Joshua John McKay / Writers: Mary Ann Hedderson and LJ Regine
Starring: Mary Ann Hedderson, Scott Jernigan, Joe Kurtz, Mark Merritt, Edie Monroy, Rachel Myers, Abigail Raye, LJ Regine, Robert Stubbs and Cristina Velez

Open:   10/08/11
Close:   12/17/11

October 8-December 17 Every Saturday at 10:45 PM, except November 26.
Theater:   Richmond Shepard Theatre
Address:   309 E. 26th Street (between 1st & 2
New York, NY
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Cost:15$ General Admission, 20$ includes Admission plus 2 drinks
Buy Tickets Online or Call: SmartTix at 212-868-4444
Company: Fn do it Productions         Official Web Site: