Genre: Drama
by Patrick Marber; directed by Alan Gordon

It’s not just a play about betrayal...


The Seeing Place Theater, known for intensely intimate ensemble work, revives Marber’s penetrating parable of learning how to love in the modern world.

Meet Dan.  35 years old.  A failed novelist.  Stuck in a dead-end job, writing obituaries.  He’s all but given up on life.  His best relationship has been with his pen – until Alice, an enigmatic stripper, crashes into his world and reinvigorates him…for a while. Now,  he’s got the girl.  He’s got a new book coming out.  But nothing seems to be enough.  Chance intervenes again in the form of Anna, a passionate photographer.  It’s true love all over – except she wants nothing to do with him… until after she marries Larry, a deviant dermatologist.

 A Tony Nominated and Olivier Award Winner, Closer has been called "one of the best plays of sexual politics in the language." - The Sunday Times

 “Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle. Love is a war. Love is a growing up..” – James Baldwin



Starring Erin Cronican*, Elyse Fisher, Nick Velkov*, and Brandon Walker.* (*Member AEA)

All Tickets are $10 - That's right! It's only $10 to see professional theater in NYC, because we at The Seeing Place feel that theater should be accessible to everyone (cheaper than a movie ticket.)

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Please get to the theater early, as late seating is limited due to the layout of the theater.

About the Company: The Seeing Place Theater

The Seeing Place (from the Greek "Theatron") is a base for disciplined artists to develop theater we all want to believe in. We are working to create a pure ensemble, committed to forceful storytelling that discovers and expresses real behavior in this day and age.

Open:   09/21/11
Close:   10/09/11

Performances run September 21 - October 9.
Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm.
Sunday Twilight at 5pm.
Running in rep with The Seeing Place's production of "Scotch Kiss".
Theater:   Sargent Theatre
Address:   314 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019
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Cost:Badass Theater. Badass Price. ALL TICKETS $10
Buy Tickets Online or Call: SmartTix at 212-868-4444
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