Genre: Classical
Directed by Jenny Greeman

  The Dark Lady Players  present a selection of Shakespeare’s religious parodies, taken from various plays, and arranged in a Medieval Mystery Tour around  a  17,000 sq foot nineteenth century church building. This production puts a modern twist on the Medieval Mystery Play Cycle with a “Living Museum” performance which takes place on sets that the Woodshed Collective have created for their production of The Tenant. The audience walks around the building following the story. There are stairs and no elevator. The Tour may be joined at any time within the first 45 minutes.


Have you ever wondered why the Shakespeare plays contain 14 resurrections, 12 Apocalypses, 5 Virgin Mary Allegories, 3,000 additional religious references, a variety of Christ figures and were written using 14 different translations of the Bible. And yet none of the plays end in Paradise? Come and find out. 

About the Company: Dark Lady Players

 The Dark Lady Players perform the underlying allegories in the Shakespearean plays, showing that they are comic religious satires. This raises a profound question about how such parodies could have got into the plays, which leads to the latest authorship theory, that  a major author of the plays was the Dark Lady, the experimental poet Amelia Bassano Lanier.

Open:   09/11/11
Close:   09/25/11

Sundays at 4pm, Monday and Tuesday at 7pm
West Park Church 86 St/Amsterdam
Theater:   West Park Church
Address:   165 West 86th Street
, NY
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Cost:FREE tickets available at door or Call: at
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