Genre: Comedy
Merridith Allen

Can a science control who you might fall in love with?  Brilliant biochemist, Marissa, has had a nasty break-up and decides that in order to prevent it from happening again, she’ll have to take matters into her own hands.  So, she develops a serum to block the oxytosin hormone in women (the hormone that supposedly causes the ‘love’ emotion) and she and her two roommates, go-go dancer, Lucas, and sex how-to writer, Robyn, test out the effects of the oxytosin-blocker.  Told through the structure of the scientific method, what follows is a struggle between heart and head, science and intuition, gender roles, and relationship rules.  Can Marissa find love on her own terms?


"Everyone falls in love and no one had much say in the matter, which is why it's such a delicious idea to think, hmm...what if I could control that?, stated playwright Merridith Allen.  “In Sex Curve, a multi-ethnic cast with varying sexual preferences deals with this question, which I believe evidences one of life's Universal, ironic and funny mysteries."

Open:   07/21/11
Close:   07/31/11

Thursday, July 21 @ 9pm
Monday, July 25 @ 6pm
Tuesday, July 26 @5:30pm
Saturday, July 30th @ 9:30pm
Sunday, July 31st at 4:30pm
Theater:   Dorothy Strelsin Theatre
Address:   312 West 36th Street, Second Floor
New York, NY 10018
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