Genre: Drama
Nora Brown

A fateful quest. Dubious characters. Her biological father. Our heroine crosses the continent from the wilds of Winnipeg to the haze of Hollywood as she encounters five mysterious men and the clues they reveal. She had lived without a past. An infidelity caused her to look at her life, leading to the revelation of the existence of a biological father. As she found clues, the mystery unfolded, until she faced her BioDad's door in Hollywood. Did she have the courage to knock?


“Before I knew this story existed, I always questioned my own identity,” stated Nora Brown. “I escaped from life with my mother to the ballet stage, where I truly knew who I was and why I was there; that was my real world, and I loved it deeply.  As I made up before the performance, I didn’t know that dark haired woman in the mirror.  The make-up finished, I knew the image.  I was that dancer, that character in the ballet being danced that night.  On stage, I felt close to God, to the audience, to the other dancers, to myself.”

Cast: Nora Brown
Open:   07/12/11
Close:   07/30/11

Tuesday, July 12th @ 7:30pm
Sunday, July 17th @ 6:00pm
Thursday, July 21st @ 6:00pm
Sunday, July 24th @ 4:00pm
Friday, July 29th @ 8:00pm
Saturday, July 30th @ 2:30pm
Theater:   Dorothy Strelsin Theatre
Address:   312 West 36th Street, Second Floor
New York, NY 10018
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Nora Brown(AEA/SAG/AFTRA/ACTRA) is an accomplished actress/dancer/choreographer/ director who has worked extensively internationally and in NYC. Nora co-directed, choreographed and appeared as Hester in “Making Light: the Found Letters of Hester Prynne” by Michael Bettencourt. Nora has directed productions in New York including CERCEAU by Viktor Slavkin, THE SWAN by Elizabeth Egloff, and NIGHTWALKING by Frank Canino. As an actor, Nora appeared as Aelis Mazoyer in TAMARA. She also played Medea in MEDEA (San Francisco Demeter Project). Other favorite roles in New York include Lady Charlotte in ELIZABETH AND ESSEX (York Theatre Company); Queen/Young Girl in YEATS TRIO (Villager award); Marguerite in EXIT THE KING (Ionesco), Mouth in NOT I (Beckett); Guibot/Auzanneau in PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN (Vinaver), Elma in SEVEN MINUTES (Colpman), The Duke in MERCHANT OF VENICE, all with the Synchronicity Theatre Group; Lenore in THE SWAN QUEEN (Canino, The Greenwich Theatre). Ms. Brown played Mrs. Randall, in David Cronenberg's film, “Dead Ringers.” She appeared in her cabarets LIGHT AND DARK (Don't Tell Mama) and DANGEROUS RHYTHMS (Danny's). She is a former principal Dancer with the National Ballet of Canada (as Judie Colpman).