Genre: Comedy
Maximilian Avery Clark, Directed by Brock H. Hill

Two years ago, Robin—a mild-mannered civil servant—crash-landed on a desert island with five strangers. All he wants is to get them home to the world they left behind. All they want is to found a a colony on the island that will become the greatest civilization the world has ever known. This is their story.

As Robin’s tale of survival unfolds, it describes humanity’s own explosive development from a pack of nomadic Hunter/Gatherers to a society advanced enough to market a blanket with sleeves. It is a story of LOVE! WAR! RELIGIOUS STRIFE! CANNIBALISM! PSYCHOLOGICAL TORMENT! And in the morning: CREPES!

This is Civilization!



As part of the Civic Theatre Initiative, half of all profits benefit the work of the World Cares Center, providing disaster relief and readiness training to all. For more information visit

About the Company: Altruistic Theatre Company

Altruistic Theatre Company creates art that provides a guiding voice, one that is meaningful as well as entertaining. We maintain a nurturing environment for artists, to produce and develop new works of theatre.  We foster good in our community, not only discussing social issues but actively working off-stage to promote social change.

Cast: Evan Kincade, Joseph Garner, Pete Mcelligott, Claire Gresham, Jordon Villines, Celeste Sexton, Don James
Open:   06/16/11
Close:   06/26/11

Thursday-Sunday 7:30pm
Theater:   Roy Arias Theaters
Address:   300 W. 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10036
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Cost:15 Dollars
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Amber Bloom is thrilled to be a part of who wears short shorts. Fresh out of the second run of the "hunny bunny hot box," she is ecstatic to actually get to wear more than just a bra and underwear in this performance. Favorite roles include Belinda Blair in "Noises Off" as well as the evil stepsister Florinda in "Into the Woods". She'd like to thank all of her awesome friends for their support and love.