Genre: Drama, Lesbian+Gay, Festival, Other
©Chris Tyler
Written by Shawn C. Harris, Directed by Sara Lyons

Crossroads Theatre Project will present the world premiere of Tulpa, or Anne&Me at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity this June. The production will raise awareness about the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond, a grassroots organization committed to undoing racism.

Part whimsical fantasy, part realist drama, part gothic horror, Tulpa, or Anne&Me tells the story of a lonely artist whose world gets turned upside down when Anne Hathaway crawls out of her TV. As their friendship blossoms, they examine how race impacts their lives as women, as friends, and as human beings. What unfolds is an intimate portrait of a most unusual relationship that explores Blackness, Whiteness, queerness, and womanhood.

With the help of two outspoken guardian angels of Blackness, our heroine strives to give her truth a voice as she uncovers feelings, dreams, and memories she's kept hidden - even from herself - that impact her ability to create real intimacy with her strange companion. At the same time, Anne struggles to navigate her role in that process so she can be a true friend and confidant. Together they seek to connect across racial barriers in order to find out who they can really be to one another.

About the Company: Crossroads Theatre Project

Crossroads Theatre Project empowers new African diaspora playwrights tell innovative stories from multiple axes of identity - including race, gender, sexuality, nationality, etc. - by providing developmental support at all stages of the creative process.

The crossroads are rooted in African folklore, Vodou and Delta blues as a place where the strange and unexpected happen. You can speak with the dead, meet the spirits of your ancestors - even sell your soul to the Devil! There is no telling what can happen when you come to the crossroads. In a similar vein, Crossroads Theatre Project challenges assumptions about what African diaspora theatre is and what it can be.

Crossroads Theatre Project takes inspiration from Eshu, one of the most venerated spirits of Yoruba and Vodou. As a guide and protector of travelers and the deity of roads (particularly the crossroads), Eshu is fluid and transgressive, embodying ambiguity and paradox. The writers we work with and the pieces they develop emulate the spirit of Eshu by pushing the boundaries of theatrical form, content, and style.

Cast: Starr Kirkland, Rachel Lambert, Mia Y. Anderson, Ayo Cummings
Open:   06/02/11
Close:   06/19/11

June 2 at 6pm, June 3 at 4pm, June 16 at 8pm, June 19 at 8:15pm
Theater:   Robert Moss Theatre
Address:   440 Lafayette
New York, NY
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