Genre: Comedy
Written by Drew Larimore, Directed by Jesse Edward Rosbrow


Broadway performers appear in the world premiere of OUT OF ASKJA, a magical, comedic love story written by Drew Larimore, as part of the 3rd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.  

What happens when Caroline Miller falls off a cliff of one of Iceland's most treacherous volcanoes and into the arms of a nearby cowboy?  With an imminent eruption and a troll at every turn, getting out of Askja proves a mystical challenge of superhuman proportions. Welcome to Iceland! Leave your inhibitions at the door - and your secrets.

"I wrote OUT OF ASKJA in an attempt to bring the mystical world of Iceland to the American stage,” explained playwright Drew Larimore. “In doing so, I've crafted not only a complicated love story, but a magical one in a place where trucks disappear out of thin air, trolls are the ultimate puppet masters and the chance to rewrite your own story, no matter how far along you are in your journey, is still possible."

Director Jesse Edward Rosbrow stated, "I love fairy tales – the old, dark ones - and Iceland's a great setting for a play with supernatural tricksters and mountains with agendas.  It's a place where people really do still believe in superstitions like elves and trolls, and that they'll trick you and seriously screw you up if you let them. In OUT OF ASKJA, Drew has transcended the traditional girl-meets-guy story with clashing cultures, transforming trolls, and a sentient volcano. It's wonderfully theatrical, while keeping its truthful emotional grounding."

Open:   06/04/11
Close:   06/23/11


Saturday June 4th @ 1:40pm
Sunday June 5th @ 7:00pm
Thursday June 9th @ 6:30pm
Friday June 10th @ 9:00pm
Thursday June 16th @ 4:00pm
Thursday June 23 @ 6:10pm

Theater:   Robert Moss Theatre
Address:   440 Lafayette
New York, NY
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