Genre: Drama
Drazek/Ambrogi/Peduzzi, Susan Batson

Ann-Margret is best known for being a sex symbol, an award-winning actress, a Vegas icon, and more than just a friend to Elvis. She had a quick rise to stardom at the start of the swingin' Sixties but was fighting a losing battle with the bottle at the start of the Seventies. We're given a closer look at one of the hardest-working women in show business in “Ann-Margret: In Between the Lines.”

With a presence, voice, and walk that still excite men around the world, Sophia Loren was one of the first Italian actresses to become a Hollywood star. However, on her rise to stardom, Sophia was torn between two lovers: Carlo Ponti, her producer/manager, and Cary Grant, her dashing leading man. This beautiful, tormented icon's path to glory is brought to the stage in “Two Women, Sofia and Sophia.”


Born with immense talent to two alcoholic parents, Marlon Brando grew to be a man of immense appetites as well. An idol for aspiring actors worldwide, he was a powerful presence on stage and screen who was greeted with awards and imitators. However, as Marlon's skills and fame grew, so did his demons. The world of Brando the young star is recreated in “Marlon Untamed.”

Cast: Carrie Drazek, Ilaria Ambrogi, Nicolas Peduzzi
Open:   04/16/11
Close:   06/25/11

Saturdays at 8 pm
Theater:   Susan Batson Studio Theater
Address:   300 W. 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
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