Genre: Musical, Other
Andrew Oswald with original story by Suspended Cirque

  The Urban Every Man: living a life unexamined and unaware of the vibrant, twisted, thrilling world beneath his own feet, until one day those feet take him down Manhattan’s rabbit hole…

Suddenly, our hero finds himself in a concrete and steel labyrinth where time stands still, and reality is a relative term. He meets Pan whose mischievous nature leads the Man down paths he’d never dare explore on his own. The Man’s arrival sets this alternative world on its ear; and while he encounters creatures beyond his imagination, he must tap into an unknown gift that only he possesses. This gift allows him to negotiate his way past a mechanical doll, a twirling human chandelier, a tragic Queen and three Fates who can’t decide whether to eat him or worship him.

What makes Subterranea different from any other theater productionyou will see in Manhattan?  Subterranea is singular because the plot is told mid-air.  It is simultaneously intimate and epic - a kind of Fuerza Bruta meets Avatar.  And, you won’t see any wires, because there are no wires! 

The aerial pieces are impressive but not simply because of the athleticism and remarkable visuals. They are the medium used to explore the human canvas - the dark corners of our minds and dreams.  Our audience can’t help but respond to the characters on a visceral level as they witness the physical struggles and thrilling acrobatics.  Smart story telling, beautiful original music, fights, romance, comedy, plus Acrobats - No kidding!  This is a one-stop theater experience for anyone who loves a spectacle.  Make a night of it!  At this price, you won’t break the bank.  Plan some after-theater eats; you’ll have a lot to talk about. 

About the Company: Suspended Cirque

Suspended Cirque has created a new genre of aerial performance, integrating breathtaking aerial acrobatics, Their site-specific performance is inspired by the dramatic and unique qualities of the Galapagos Art Space — the audience sits on several large steel islands, surrounded by water on almost all sides. The performance takes place above, around, below, among the audience — no part of the performance space is left unexplored, and the audience is an integral part of the entertainment.

Open:   04/28/11
Close:   05/08/11

Thursday-Saturday, April 28-April 30 at 8pm
Wednesday - Saturday, May 4- May 7 at 8pm
Sundays, May 1 & May 8 at 6pm
Additional shows on Saturday, April 30 & Saturday, May 7 at 2pm
Theater:   Connelly Theater
Address:   220 East 4th Street
New York, NY 10009
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Closest subway: 6 to Astor Place. Walk south to 4th Street, east to theatre

Cost:$20-$30 with discounts for students, children and seniors
Buy Tickets Online or Call: SmartTix at 212-868-4444
Company: Suspended Cirque         Official Web Site: