Genre: Comedy, Dance, Musical, Other
Suspended Cirque

  Under The Tree is the latest show by Suspended Cirque, New York City’s only Aerial Theater company.  The story begins under the tree, when all the toys come to life by flying over head and flipping across the stage exhibiting their own strange set of predilections and neuroses.

Under The Tree uses all parts of the venue as performance space – the stage, the aisles, among the seats, and over the audience’s heads.  While sipping cocktails, the audience literally gets swallowed by the show.  This ability to perform all around the audience is unique to the Galapagos Art Space and makes for a unique and intimate New York experience.

This show is for New Yorkers by New Yorkers with its sophistication, wry wit, and raw nerve.  Barbie gets dizzy in a spinning hoop, a snarky candy cane explores what it means to be fresh, and the angel on the tree loses her wings.  At first the toys enjoy discovering their unique abilities, but soon come to realize that the holidays are not all about the gifts we receive (which in this case happens to be them!).  

About the Company: Suspended Cirque

Suspended Cirque has created a new genre of aerial performance, integrating breathtaking aerial acrobatics, Their site-specific performance is inspired by the dramatic and unique qualities of the Galapagos Art Space — the audience sits on several large steel islands, surrounded by water on almost all sides. The performance takes place above, around, below, among the audience — no part of the performance space is left unexplored, and the audience is an integral part of the entertainment.

Open:   12/22/10
Close:   12/23/10

Wednesday December 22nd (8pm) and Thursday December 23rd (8pm)
Theater:   Galapagos Art Space
Address:   16 Main St
Dumbo, NY
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Subway Info: A or C to High St or F to York St 2 or 3 to Clark

Buy Tickets Online or Call: Ticket Web at 1.866.468.7619
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