Genre: Comedy, Drama, Lesbian+Gay
tiffany hayden-williamson

The Atmosphere is said to be Sex and the City meets Wall Street…and then some!

When a group of young, savvy professionals working for a prestigious Wall Street investment firm decides to embezzle millions of dollars from a "dead client's" account, they quickly begin to turn on each other, as they fail to rid of the weakest link...which whom no one knows. Just when you thought Bernie Madoff was greedy! Only this time around, the perfect crime actually turns out to be the perfect plan…This hysterical and suspenseful comedy will leave you in AWE!!!

Open:   05/19/11
Close:   05/20/11

Thursday, May 19th
Friday, May 20th
All shows are @ 8PM
Theater:   Brooklyn Music School Playhouse
Address:   126 Saint Felix Street
Brooklyn, NY
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Take the B,Q,2,3,4 and 5 train to Atlantic Avenue; D, M, N and R train to Pacific Street; or the G train to Fulton Street.

Cost:$25 {Inquire about complimentary tickets}
Buy Tickets Online or Call: at 347-701-9476