Genre: Classical, Comedy
Written by William Shakesepare, Directed by Natalie Doyle Holmes

American Bard Theater Company presents

Measure for Measure

-a dark comedy that examines justice and mercy in a city saturated with moral decline and government corruption.

Measure for Measure, American Bard Theater Company's second full length production is a dark comedy that examines justice and mercy in a city saturated with moral decline and government corruption. Measure for Measure will be performed Thursday, November 4th through Saturday, November 13th at the Roy Arias Theater Center, The Payan Theatre, 5th floor. Directed by Natalie Doyle Holmes.

In Measure for Measure, the Bard weaves a tale of power, sex, morality and personal demons that concludes in three weddings and no funerals. Often dubbed a problem play because tragic results loom large, Shakespeare uses disguise, buffoonery and mercy measured against overzealous judgment, treachery and lust to bring this complex story to a happy yet ironic ending.
The director, Natalie Doyle Holmes, explains, "My goal is to help the ensemble take this play, traditionally performed as a heavy drama, and showcase it as the dangerous comedy it truly is. We will be working together to explore the shades of gray in all humans". This production of Measure for Measure allows American Bard Theater Company to bring their talents to serve the play and entertain the audience.

Playing time is 130 minutes with one intermission.


Cast list:
Duke: Timothy C. Goodwin*
Isabella: Erin Gilbreth*
Angelo: Sam Laakso
Provost: Bryan L. Cohen
Escalus/Francesca: Cheri Wicks
Lucio:  Jack Herholdt*
Mariana/Nun: Mary Riley
Claudio: Stephen Medvidick
Pompey: Bill Galarno*
Mistress Overdone/Friar Thomas:  Ross Hewitt
Froth/Barnadine/Officer: Andrew Oppenheim
Juliet/Elbow/Abhorson/Nun: Lily Warpinski

*denotes member of Actor's Equity Association

About the Company: American Bard Theater Company
The American Bard Theater Company is a not-for-profit organization serving the Greater New York community. ABTC is dedicated to the exploration of the First Folio "Shakespeare wrote his plays to engage the 'ear' of his audience's imagination. He intended his plays to be heard and not seen, rather than read silently while sitting on the living room couch. To help his performers make the language of his plays spring to life on stage, he embedded linguistic and rhetorical clues within the scripts he provided for them. These were combined by two of his colleagues after his death after his death to form the First Folio edition of 1623." -John Basil founder of American Globe Theatre technique (a method that uses the author's linguistic clues to envision how the work was meant to be interpreted) as it applies to classical and contemporary theater. We seek to educate the public about First Folio technique through performances of plays and educational presentations.
Open:   11/04/10
Close:   11/13/10

November 4th-6th 8 p.m.
Saturday, November 6th: 2 pm

November 10th-13th: 8 p.m.
Saturday, November 13th: 2 p.m.

Theater:   Roy Arias Theaters
Address:   300 W. 43rd Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10036
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