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Presented by The Brick Theater, Inc.

  The Brick Theater, Inc., presenter of the first festival of Clown Theatre in New York in over 20 years in 2006, brings the festival back this fall as the 2010 New York Clown Theatre Festival, performing September 3-26 at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This year’s festival will feature diverse clown theatre artists from the Ukraine, Israel, Wales, Mexico, Canada, and across the United States from California, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Chicago and New York City.  

The festival will present 17 mainstage shows, 4 kid-friendly shows, 1 street show, and 5 cabarets, including a cabaret devoted to clowns over 50! The festival begins on September 3 with its traditional opening day parade from Union Square through the L line subway to Williamsburg, followed by an open-to-the-public pie fight at The Brick Theater! And it closes on September 26 with the traditional closing day Funeral, with clowns weeping and wailing in the streets of Williamsburg.

The NEW YORK CLOWN THEATRE FESTIVAL will run September 3-26 at The Brick (575 Metropolitan Avenue between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street, Brooklyn; subway: L to Lorimer, G to Metropolitan). Tickets ($15 Regular / $10 for Weekend Matinee Family Shows) are available online at or by calling 1-866-811-4111.



The Eccentric Company

Directed by Avner Eisenberg

Peaks Island, ME

The cleaning lady of the Royal Opera takes the stage in a zany romp through the sacred cows of opera. Using the contents of the utility closet, physical comedy and a superb mezzo soprano voice, the cleaning lady performs Bizet’s Carmen like it’s never been done before! “Delicately executed physical comedy worthy of Chaplin himself” – Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader. 75 min. 

Mon 9/20 @ 7pm, Thu 9/23 @ 8:30pm, & Sat 9/25 @ 8pm  



James and JF

New York, NY

In a world where television has been abandoned, one lone television is found. One channel remains working. Channel One. A few lost souls are still out there, creating their own brand of quality entertainment. They’re just not sure anyone’s listening, or watching, or even has the capability to watch on a TV, ’cause these gems don’t play on a computer. It’s TV, baby. TV. And they’re the only ones left. 60 min.

Sun 9/19 @ 8pm, Wed 9/22 @ 9pm, & Thu 9/23 @ 7pm



Theatre Group Dzieci

New York, NY

Hailing from East Molvenia, Cirkus Luna! may be the worst circus act ever to perform in public. There is nothing this family troupe does that comes even remotely close to demonstrating skill. Tightrope walkers chicken out, the lion weeps, and acrobats can’t even do a forward roll. Festival veterans Theatre Group Dzieci bring their unique, hilarious, even creepy version of clown work back to The Brick.  45 min.

Fri 9/10 @ 7pm, Tue 9/14 @ 7pm, & Wed 9/15 @ 9pm  



[Double-bill with Ferdinand the Magnificent! or Send in the Angels]

Clowns with Gowns Productions: Adriana Chavez and Heidi Rider

Blue Lake, CA

Carmen Francesca Maria Frida Ophelia de la Rosa is ridiculously vain. Gertrude is ridiculously desperate to be just as pretty! Two female clowns attempt to do an extraordinary act together, but will their competitive vying for audience adoration spin it into an outrageous flop? Their impassioned desire to be the best, the most bewitching, the most ravishing, the most fascinatingly foxy, the most devastatingly dazzlingly divine diva drives their female rivalry to shocking extremes. This battle of beauty is fully equipped with unraveling skirts, increasingly absurd hairdos and (laughable?) female-vs-female zaniness!  25 min.

Sat 9/4 @ 5pm, Tue 9/7 @ 7pm, Sat 9/11 @ 10pm, Sun 9/12 @ 5pm, & Wed 9/15 @ 7pm 



[Double-bill with Ferdinand the Magnificent! or Clowns with Gowns]

Happenstance Theater

Rockville, MD

In the tradition of Burns and Allen, Ball and Arnaz, Seeley and Fields this offbeat couple brings their baggage to the stage in harmonies from Between-the-Wars and cheery songs of the Great Depression. Slapstick comedy, ukulele and musical saw in a sweet little music hall show. 30 min.

Tue 9/7 @ 7pm & Thu 9/9 @ 7pm



[Double-bill with Clowns with Gowns or Send in the Angels]

Third Base!

Blue Lake, CA

Join this very strange character on a journey through song and the embarrassments of love. Ferdinand, wearing a diaper and a shocking pink bodysuit, has the habit of discovering musical instruments in places they have no right to be, leading the audience through a hilarious, surreal world. Created by Nick Trotter at Dell’Arte International, Ferdinand has appeared in Third Base!'s Myths of the Plastic Age and toured Chiapas, Mexico with Clowns Without Borders.  30 min.

Sat 9/4 @ 5pm, Thu 9/9 @ 7pm, Sat 9/11 @ 10pm, Sun 9/12 @ 5pm, & Mon 9/13 @ 7pm



Bony Lil aka Zea Barker

Chicago, IL

So much struggle. So much heartache. Don't you think it's time to let those dreams go? Take it from a recent convert. Bony Lil takes you by the hand and leads you to a place where you don't need to try and strive ...and cry. Give up on your dreams. You'll be awfully glad you did. 45 min.

Fri 9/17 @ 9pm, Mon 9/20 @ 9pm, & Sat 9/25 @ 6pm



Miss Saturn

New York, NY

Miss Saturn pulls out all the stops in a variety show featuring physical comedy, singing and dancing, small hoops, big hoops, invisible hoops, and various attempts at breaking records of different sorts.  60 min.

Sat 9/11 @ 6pm, Thu 9/16 @ 8:30, & Fri 9/24 @ 9pm



Nomadic Theatre Co.

Portland, OR

The Last Show You’ll Ever See features Sarah Liane Foster and her trombone as they face the possibility of impending apocalypse. Through fast-paced humor, offbeat text, virtuosic pantomime, and musical interludes, our intrepid heroine grapples with the endless possibilities of ending, before it’s too late …  75 min.

Fri 9/17 @ 7pm, Sat 9/18 @ 6pm, Tue 9/21 @ 7pm, Fri 9/24 @ 7pm, & Sat 9/25 @ 10pm



Summer Shapiro & Peter Musante

New York, NY

A man in an attic meets a woman in a box. As they lure one another into their worlds, their curiosity unfolds and exposes a hilarious, mind-bending, innovative allegory for the classic man-meets-woman story. Rooted in physical comedy and drenched in imaginative stage illusion, Legs and All is an inventive exploration of human loneliness set to an evocative tango-meets-bluegrass score.  60 min.

Tue 9/14 @ 9pm, Thu 9/16 @ 7pm, Sat 9/18 @ 10pm, & Fri 9/24 @11pm



Ambrose Martos

New York, NY

An innocent clown finds his darker, sexier (well, perhaps) side, and has to decide if he will let it take over his existence. Ambrose Martos has toured North America as a principal clown with Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam, performed in the award-winning Off-Broadway hit Slava’s Snowshow and works often with Australia’s Umbilical Brothers. He is a member of the physical comedy trio Happy Hour and hosts burlesque shows in New York City.  45 min.

Sat 9/4 @ 10:30pm & Sun 9/5 @ 9pm



UNIT Productions

Toronto, Canada

Morro and Jasp Do Puberty explores the world of clown sisters Morro and Jasp racing head first into their bloodiest challenge yet. Jasp can’t wait for puberty and fantasizes about boys and brand new bodily functions, while Morro awkwardly attempts to hide from the inevitable changes overtaking her. A hit at the Toronto Fringe Festival, earning double-five-star reviews and a “Best of the Fest” award, Morro and Jasp Do Puberty follows the bumpy road to adulthood through a hilarious look back at the best period of your life.  60 min.

Sat 9/4 @ 7pm, Sun 9/5 @ 7pm, Thu 9/9 @ 8:30pm, Fri 9/10 @ 9pm, & Sun 9/12 @ 9pm 



Olivia Lehrman

New York, NY

[Double-bill with Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizás …]

Follow this acrobat/comedienne through a fantasy world of adventure, heroism, and stupidity. While playing piano behind her back, turning upside down, speaking Chinese, and tangling herself up in concertina playing, Secret Agent Pretty Smart juggles the humdrum of life with exploits of bravery.  30 min.

Sun 9/5 @ 5pm, Mon 9/6 @ 8pm, Tue 9/7 @ 9pm, Sat 9/11 @ 8pm, & Sun 9/12 @ 7pm



Jeff Seal & Chris Manley

Directed by Danny Manley

New York, NY

Jeff and Buttons have TONS of new material and now they have their own show so this should be a cinch. Their comedy harkens back to the golden age of Vaudeville with updated and reworked laughs. Their new PoMoVau show, Neon Lights is all you need to know about Vaudeville and ol’ timey crack ’em ups. They’re also idiots. Chris Manley (Buttons) is a member of "New Excitement" and has appeared on Comedy Central. Jeff Seal is a four-time Golden Clown Nose nominee and has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. Both of them co-wrote and acted in Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir. 60 min.

Wed 9/8 @ 8pm, Mon 9/13 @ 9pm, Sat 9/18 @ 8pm, & Wed 9/22 @ 7pm



Clown Me In

Mexico City, Mexico

[Double-bill with Ms. Pretty Smart, Secret Agent]

Perhaps, perhaps, quizás … is a clown piece playing with the idea of loneliness, waiting and hoping for the right man. Our protagonist, Grima, is a lonely woman who, once a week, rehearses the arrival of The One and the wedding itself. She wants to fall in love – the hard, take-you-by-surprise, soul-changing kind of love – and is afraid as time passes she might actually be left with only the fake prop that exists in her mind as The Perfect Gentleman.  Hailing from Mexico City, Gabriela Muñoz has toured throughout Mexico and the Middle East, bringing her simultaneously surreal and earthy clown characters to audiences at venues ranging from large urban stages to refugee camps.  20 min.

Sun 9/5 @ 5pm, Mon 9/6 @ 8pm, Tue 9/7 @ 9pm, Sat 9/11 @ 8pm, & Sun 9/12 @ 7pm



[Double-bill with Ferdinand the Magnificent! or Clowns with Gowns and pre-show to all Family Shows]

CDDC Productions

Wales, UK

Denni Dennis and Clare Parry-Jones return to the festival. These two angels appear to give love, comfort and relaxation to the audience. But it is not always easy to pull the reigns in, especially when you have the wind beneath your wings! Dennis and Parry-Jones have toured internationally with their clown and physical work and were a hit at clown festivals in Denmark and Monte Carlo.  25 min. Mon 9/13 @ 7pm & Wed 9/15 @ 7pm 




F.O. Fire

New York, NY

Explore the Williamsburg streets with NYC’s No. 1 Pwivate Eye Butt Kapinski. In this on-location workshop, you will be expertly trained in the sacred art of urban private investigation. Also featuring the Butt Kapinski orchestra. Limited Spots Available.  30 min. 

Fri 9/17 @ 8:30pm, Mon 9/20 @ 8:45pm, Tue 9/21 @ 8:45pm, Wed 9/22 @ 8:30pm, & Fri 9/24 @ 10:30pm





Fool’s Academy

New York, NY

[For kids 7 & older]

Discover history through a new lens: your clothes! From penguin suits to jeans, tees, and kicks, we uncover the often-odd world of what covers you. Fool’s Academy uses circus arts and comedy to make history tangible, literally, through your very own clothes.  50 min. Sat 9/18 @ 3pm & 9/19 @ 3pm



Chris Allison

Naugatuck, CT

[For kids 12 & older; Sept 17 10:30pm show for adults]

Coney Island Chris has made it his mission to keep the age-old traditions of the sideshow alive! He will astound and entertain by demonstrating some of the most beloved and historical sideshow stunts ever presented, including sword swallowing, placing his hand in various animal traps that will slam shut on his exposed fingers, lying on a bed of nails, driving a 10-inch spike up his nose, stomach stapling and many more…..all with his special comedic twist!  45 min.

Sun 9/5 @ 3pm, Fri 9/17 @ 10:30pm, & Sat 9/25 @ 3pm  



Have Vaude, Ville Travel Productions

Decatur, GA

[For kids 3 & older]

The joy of discovery is distilled through the eyes of an exuberant clown, an innocent who relies on his (admittedly limited) wits and the help of the audience to accomplish his list of tasks. He enters the theater, explores his environment, and generally makes a mess of things as he tells the story of a Prince, a Witch, and a Princess who loves broccoli.  40 min.

Sat 9/11 @ 3pm & Sun 9/12 @ 3pm 





About the Company: The Brick Theater

The Brick Theater, Inc. is a not-for-profit theater company dedicated to nurturing the work of emerging artists at its performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - The Brick. The Brick presents world premieres, monthly performance series and seasonal festivals, expanding Williamsburg's profile as a destination for cutting-edge art and entertainment. The Brick continues to seek new artists and projects, to provide them with a creative home and to serve as Williamsburg's primary incubator of innovative theater arts.

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