Genre: Comedy
Written by Jack Heifner, Directed by Estrela Straus

Vanities had one of the longest Off-Broadway runs on record. This story centers on the lives and friendship of three "perfect and popular" cheerleaders starting in high school. Five years later in their college sorority house, Joanne, Kathy and Mary confront their future wondering if they have to do something... be someone. In 1974 they reunite in New York trying to pick up from where their lives started to diverge years ago... Produced and starred by Juliana Klein and Soledad del Rio, with Isadora Vasconcellos.

This is a play about Americans...and we're not Americans! But this is a play about women, and we are women...


Open:   08/31/10
Close:   09/02/10

7:30 pm
Theater:   Marilyn Monroe Theater
Address:   115 E 15 St
New York, NY 10003
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Union Sq Subway St NQR456L

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SOLEDAD DEL RIO (Kathy) is excited to bring her first Off-Off Broadway show to life with women she considers inspiring both in art and in life. Her last performance was in The Women (Countess) directed by Tim Crousse and Bad Habits (Ruth) in the Lee Strasberg Film &Theater Institute where she just earned her Two Year Acting Certificate. Comedy seems to find her and she loves to share the laughs. Under the training of Robert Ellermann, Jeffery Ferguson, Mauricio Bustamante, Susan Cohen, Robert Milazzo, Bruce Baumer, George Loros, Allen Suddeth and the Teatro Giratablas in Costa Rica she found the meaning of art in life that she was craving for since she was born. Soledad has also acted and produced several film shorts and is currently in the pre-production of a feature film with her partner and great friend Rodrigo L. Portillo in their own production company: Bed of Flames Production LLC. I am excited for the many projects to come and I sincerely thank all of the people I've met throug this journey!

Juliana Klein Joanne

JULIANA KLEIN (Joanne) couldn't be more proud to produce AND take a lead in her own New York production. She recently performed live in Bryant Park with the young and great after only a year of being in the city (Thank you for an AMAZING experience)! Her Off-Off Broadway premiere took place in The Producer's Club NYC with Ionesco's "The Leader" in 2009. Since then she could be seen in two Anna Strasberg Scene Nights as well as several Pirandello One Acts at the Lee Srasberg Institute. In addition Juliana played the Lead in the Hofstra University Thesis Film "Death At Sunrise" and had parts in multiple Student Productions all over the city. She started out as an actress in Germany where she starred in a documentary for a big public TV channel and also acted for several TV magazines. In 2009 she came to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute and is now about to graduate with the two year certificate. She is a non-stop-very-active-skilful actress that you will see moving all around, but thatʼs no wonder when you get to know that she also has a Sports Diploma and specialized in almost 15 kinds of sports! At this point she wants to thank Soledad, Isadora and Estrela for being inspired...inspiration...and just who they are. If I hadn't met you...I'd die!:-) And thanks to my great and supportive family who always take me and my ideas as they are! 

ISADORA VASCONCELLOS (Mary) has acted in many student films and Scene nights in New York. She just completed the Two Year Certificate Program at the Lee Straberg Theatre and Film Institute, and also assited at the New York Film Academy, where she took filmmaking and acting workshops, producing and directing her first short film called "Nosferatu The Mute Vampire". Among all the work, she is more than ever proud to present her first Off-Off Broadway production, that once started as a draft in a piece of paper, developed into scenes and became a play. "We are ready!" Isadora was a very euphoric child, always playing around and showing off her fun and charismatic personality. At the age of six she accidently interrupted one of her father's scenes; surprised, he told her, "Little princess, go back to your castle!" she understood and ran backstage. At the end of the play she went back onto the stage grinning ecstatically as if it was her birthday and she has just gotten a colorful lollypop. As the people were applauding it felt fantastic. From that day on, her passion for acting, being on stage and making the audience applaud like that began, and it never stopped. Isadora has acted consistently during her time at high school, she attended the well known theater school: "Tablado" for one year in Brazil, and her ambition grew and took her abroad to New York as a big start for big dreamers. I am very thankful to the amazing people, family, friends, teachers and directors that helped Vanities, but primordially my girls, Soledad Del Rio, Juliana Klein and Estrela Straus, without you we wouldn't have it all!